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Rushikesh Patil


Hey, I am a travelblogger and a travel photographer. I narrate travel stories through people, food, architecture around the places I Visit 💚

Shri Hari Mandir

Serenity at Shree Hari Mandir in Ahmadabad.


Shaniwarwada in Pune is the most visited place among the other places. The rich history of Peshwas and the amazing architecture makes the experience surreal. It represents the center of Pune city, around which the whole hustle and bustle happens. Some of my colleagues from Malaysia were on India tour and I couldn't resist to show this beautiful place. Keep exploring!

Kanwar lake

The kanwar lake in Bihar is known as Asia's largest freshwater oxbow lake. I had a short trip to this place while being in Begusarai district long back. Salim ali, mentioned about 60 migratory birds that come all the way from Central Asia  in winter and recorded around 106 species of resident birds. It takes around a day to explore surrounding area. Do hop on a boat ride for a peaceful soothing experience. Keep exploring


India is known for its rich heritage and culture. Every state has unique rituals with an outstanding aura. Today I will introduce you to the Danda naach festival held in Odisha. This popular festival is an offering to please goddess Kali and her followers, known as danudas perform various stunts to please goddess. I was fortunate to witness this 1day festival with all glory. The festival moves from home to home, town to town. A festival filled with colors, joy, amazement and music! Keep exploring!

Thosegar Water Fall

Satara in Maharashtra district is a home to many plunge waterfalls. Thoseghar is one of the famous waterfalls in Maharashtra which runs at full capacity in monsoon. People from different states visit this beautiful spot while on the trip to Satara. People cannot move closer to waterfalls as it might be harmful. But the tourism authority have made viewpoints at certain locations which help to witness the beauty of plunge waterfalls. Keep exploring!