51st World Earth Day with Cushy

51st world earth day

The idea of “World Earth Day” was first suggested in 1969 following the environmental pollution, the environmental group took the lead in the functioning and implementing regulations and environmental protection.

The state of alarm decreed worldwide in the face of the COVID-19 crisis has caused the cessation of all human activities. Empty streets, closed industries, vacant offices, desolate roads and airports, are the images that are repeated around the world. While the population is confined to their homes to curb the spread of coronavirus and save lives, the planet is experiencing the positive side effect of this pandemic.

The ozone layer is ‘healing’ : 

Industrial emissions, like methane and carbon dioxide that continue to exert force from the opposite way. However, thanks to this sudden pause caused by global quarantines due to COVID-19, the planet is giving itself the respite it needed. This will create improvements in general, and in the climate, to battle climate change.

Air quality improves in countries :

Ozone layer was healing
Ozone layer is healing

According to an analysis carried out for Carbon Brief, the blockade, and the reduction of economic activity in India led to an estimated 25% reduction in CO2 emissions over four weeks.

WMO Global Atmosphere watch’s system coordinates long-term observation of global greenhouse gas concentrations. Not everything is negative. The reduction in industrial activity and transport with combustion vehicles crisis is also leaving – on a smaller scale – relatively positive side effects on the environment and human health.

Emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere due to air transportation have been reduced, and the consumption of plastics has also decreased. Still, instead, another environmental problem has arisen, which is already visible, and It’s affecting. In essence, medical waste and disposable masks are floating in the sea, along with disposable napkins and plastic dishes. while concentrations represent what stays in the air after the Intricate system of interactions between the atmosphere, the biosphere, the lithosphere, the cryosphere, what goes into the air.

Carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere and oceans for decades. This means that the world is committed to continuous climate change, regardless of any temporary drop in emissions due to the coronavirus epidemic, says the World Meteorological Organization.

As people have changed their everyday behaviours and patterns to contain or avoid COVID-19, there have been some subtle effects on the environment. Satellites that measure the atmosphere confirm the decrease in nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

How important is this now?

People in big cities may not care about environmental pollution for a long time, but this fact is as critical to their health and longevity as a dangerous viral infection.

It is challenging to act, to move from the comfort zone if the benefits behind a change are not observed. we Cushy Suggest you this April 22 on World Earth Day and it can be an excellent opportunity to change and think about Earth every day.

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