7 Coastal Getaways in Mysore to Reinvigorate Yourself


If you are tired of the city and the hustle-bustle of people all around, then head over to some amazing beaches with scenic views and feel nature reaching out to your soul. In this article, we list down some of the lesser-known and least explored Coastal getaways in Mysore so you can enjoy private time with family and friends. So let’s dive in!

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Top 7 Coastal Getaways in Mysore to Reinvigorate Yourself

Dwell in the serenity at Kappad

coastal-gateway-in mysore-Kappad

If you are among the few who always wish to take the path unknown and away from the crowd, then take on a journey to Kappad. Nestled away from the tourists and crowd of Kozhikode, this is a perfect place if you want to savor the beauty of nature untouched by man.

The place is blessed with naturally shaped rocks, lush green vegetation, and scenic beaches. In fact, this was also the place that Vasco da Gama landed in 1498!

Rejuvenate your soul at Payyanur

Nestled in the Perumba River within the proximity of the Arabian Sea, this place is a must-visit for all those who love offbeat travels. From untouched backwaters to scenic beaches, this place has everything for a memorable getaway by the waters. Soothe your mind, body, and soul at this coastal destination that dates back to thousands of years. Immerse in the ancient culture and discover a new side to life!

A must-have in your bucket list – Kannur


If you are on a trip with the family, then Kannur is a must-visit place for you. The place is also quite a well-known tourist destination and rightly so. Kannur shows off its majestic presence with its pristine beaches and lush vegetation. It is also indeed home to many ancient temples and sites that date way back in history. There is no denying that Kannur has something in store for everyone.

Relish the backwaters at Vatakara

Vatakara has many natural spots to offer that are lesser-known. It is quite popular as a town with a historical significance and the Lokanarkavu temple that was established 1500 years ago. The town is located on the banks of river Moorad. Some of the must-visit places of Coastal Getaways in Mysore here are the Vatakara sandbanks, Kunjalu Mrakkar Memorial, Sragaalaya, and the Maliyakal Beach.

For an offbeat travel – Kasargod

Kasargod is an emerging tourist destination, and its popularity has increased immensely amongst offbeat travelers. In fact, it is now also a weekend destination for thousands of tourists. The place has so much more to offer from beaches to forts. One of the most popular forts is the Bekal fort as it is built on the shore of the Arabian Sea. So this should be added to your list.

Hear your calling at Ullal


Ullal is home to many magnificent beaches, the most prominent being Ullal Beach and Someshwar Beach. This is the perfect spot if you wish to spend some quiet time with your family and your loved ones away from the city and the crowd. 

Even though Gokarna Beach is the town’s main attraction, there are five additional beaches with shacks as accommodations, small shops, and modern eateries. A fun fact is that there is also an Om Beach here that gets its name from the Holy symbol Om that has been shaped naturally.


With so many things to do on your trip to Coastal Getaways in Mysore take a day off at these amazing coastal areas. Enjoy the calmness and beauty of nature away from the fast-paced like and rejuvenate your soul! 

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