7 Post COVID shopping trends you should be prepared for.

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While working and staying safe at home, we have minimized trips out in public. But as malls, restaurants, parks, and other public areas are opening up, we need to prepare for post COVID shopping trends with precautions. This article covers various tips to help you stay safe while you indulge in a shopping spree.

Wearing a cloth mask wherever you go

The CDC or the Centre for Disease and Prevention Control has advised everyone to use a cloth mask when in public. Cloth masks are highly effective for you and others around you. Even if your area has not made it mandatory, it is still imperative that you wear a mask and take precautions.

Minimize your shopping time

Even though malls and other stores have limited shopping hours for consumers, you must minimize your shopping time as well. This will help you reduce the exposure to others around you and also reduces your chances of coming in touch with someone with symptoms unknowingly.

Shop during lesser traffic

Consider shopping during the early hours of the day or later in the evening. Studies have found that many stores have special, early morning hours dedicated to the elderly and other vulnerable shoppers. These shoppers usually might need more time, less pressure on the traffic, and farther distances to feel comfortable while shopping in public.

Mobile delivery

When there is no online ordering and delivery in your area, you need to search if any of the stores have mobile delivering options. So a worker will directly put the items you ordered in your car directly. Many stores have workers dedicated to mobile delivery with better PPE or personal protective equipment. This is safe and quick.

Isolated shopping

Since social distancing is now a norm, be prepared to head out shopping alone. Social distancing becomes easier when you travel alone and not tag along with others. When you travel in pairs or groups, it puts pressure on the system being followed in public places.

Carrying your own disinfectants.

Though this isn’t a necessary rule issued, it is much safer to carry your disinfectants. It might not be possible to wash your hands constantly when you are shopping or picking up items that other shoppers before you have touched. So carrying a hand sanitizer makes it easy for you to disinfect your hands and take necessary precautions.

Online payment whenever possible

There is a rise in new forms of payments like touchless and contactless machines. This, therefore, reduces the need to touch a machine to input pins for payment processes. It is prudent to pay bills online instead of cash payments as it removes the possibility of catching the virus and keeps you and your family safe.

In Conclusion

The world is evolving and changing dramatically than ever before. As the stores now adjust to post COVID shopping trends, consumers are in for a shopping experience like never before. Even though your favorite stores probably have a COVID precaution plan in place to keep their workers and customers safe, you should take necessary precautions from your end and help others stay safe. Are you ready for the new normal with the post COVID shopping trends? Let us know in the comments below and do install Cushy to discover attractions nearby you.

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