Bangalore Shopping problems while Co-living with Covid-19


When your favourite stores open after a long wait in a major city like Bangalore, you may be surprised by what you’ll discover in stores once the closings are lifted. The retailers were reimagining the shopping experience after lifting the closure measures to discover how to make them safer and attractive at the same time. Today Cushy Blog will help you in figuring out the Bangalore shopping problem you will face while Co-living with Covid-19

Some of these changes have already begun to appear, such as an increase in online ordering and store receipt requests. The Coronavirus has accelerated its appearance and is likely to become part of our new habits for the foreseeable future in Bangalore.

 According to a consumer survey, they expected to shop in stores with relief again only in September or october, Let’s check how will the stores make you feel more comfortable when shopping?

Many stores go bust, and some retailers are closed.

Some stores may be closed forever

Before you go shopping at your favorite store, make sure it’s still open. Many stores have declared bankruptcy, and retailers have closed some of their stores to maintain their business.

2- Delivery service

Although online shopping was the only way to meet the needs of people when they needed homes, the process of “buying online and receiving an order from the shop” has become an integral part of the plans for the coming period, and many retailers provide customers with delivery from store to The house or sidewalk after the close period ends.

“According to a study conducted by IBM earlier this year, the adoption of online shopping and delivery from the store has quadrupled since 2014, and many retailers are currently focusing on e-commerce offers and options,”

3- You may not be able to try clothes before purchasing them

When it comes to how stores deal with opening dressing rooms, the decision to sell clothes of the same size will not suit everyone.

4- Your clothes may be subject to a quarantine procedure

If you try to return a piece of clothing, it will likely not return to the shelf right away. Instead, it will be removed from the sales department for 24 to 48 hours or more to be cleaned before it is re-displayed. In the long run, stores may use technologies to sterilize clothing.

 Even after the closing procedures are completed, stores will take precautions for social estrangement.

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5- Social spacing in Restrooms

Although you are keen to avoid using the public toilet at the present time, meeting the call of nature at inappropriate moments may compel you to resort to this option, and stores take the necessary precautions.

6- Try lipstick by default

Choosing the perfect color for lipstick and some other beauty product will not be affordable anymore.

There will no longer allow makeup testing in the store,  providing hand sanitizer, imposing wearing face masks and providing safety measures Health, will prevent product testing, and encourage customers to use their application to test products by default.

 You may find a receptionist presenting a hand sanitizer, or sterilizing your shopping cart.

7- Frontier reception

Many stores will monitor customer access and determine the shopping time. You may also find an employee to receive and guide you, provide you with a mask or hand sanitizer, or sterilize your shopping cart.

8- Shopping expectations

Although you will be able to shop in public places once the closing measures are lifted, it may take some time to enjoy personal experiences from close range.


You will definitely notice the adoption of some of the protocols that you really expect, including marking that distance between people, wearing masks, placing a hand sanitiser, and allowing you into few customers who are roaming through stores. You need to learn about these changes. In this conditions of covid. you can find better shopping places around you with a simple App called Cushy. Where it is an Hyperlocal social experience App where explorers will share their shopping experience with reviews and photos and allows you to find the best places in shopping around you. Check in the Play store to download the app now


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