Best things to do during the quarantine

Things to to while quarantine

Until May 3, the government has declared the State of Alarm in Bangalore, which results in a state of isolation and quarantine for COVID-19 until further notice. Citizens must act responsibly and remain in their homes. We know that despair and boredom can come to us at any time, so we leave you some plans so that you can carry these days in the best possible way.

Best things to do during the quarantine
Best things to do during the quarantine

Take that course you never have time for

Training never hurts. Languages, cooking, marketing etc. Surely there is something you would like to know a little more about, whether it is to complete your resume or only as a hobby. Right now, many institutions are offering free courses to make these days of confinement more enjoyable. Remember that only online or distance training is allowed, so these will be the modalities by which you can choose.

Games for the whole family & do relax

There are countless classic games that you can play without having to buy anything: the broken phone, the famous Pictionary, tongue twisters, chain words, hide and seek, stop the pencil. On the Internet, you will find many ideas easy to execute. A fun option is for the winner to decide who will wash the dishes, clean the table, or cook the food. And we will always have the fun pillow battle.

Many days lie ahead in this situation, so in addition to looking for activities to keep yourself entertained, it is important to also leave a little time for relaxation. Enjoying doing nothing can also be enjoyable. Give yourself time to think, to reflect on everything that this situation makes you miss and value, to enjoy a good song, a good nap or fill out sudokus and self-defined. We will return to normal soon, and surely you miss some time of inactivity.

It is time to read, play & cook

Reading is always a pleasant pastime that will also allow you to forget for a moment, everything that is happening. Travel to another world during this COVID-19 quarantine in a way that only literature can afford. You can also read any of our ebooks on economics & better savings, quick to make recipes, historical moments, entrepreneur’s ideology, business updates and Cushy stories etc.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 quarantine to which we have been forced, we can’t leave the house to train. Youtube, Instagram where you can find workouts and exercises of all kinds.

If you miss your friends or your family, open a soft drink or pour yourself a cup of coffee and organize a virtual meeting with whoever you want. You can even get handsome for the occasion. There are many applications through which to organize, such as Skype, WhatsApp itself or Google Duo. Without a doubt, it can be a lot of fun.

Sometimes the rush leads to a somewhat dull diet. Being at home has its advantages. So one of the things you can do during this quarantine is cook. Seasonal stews, more elaborate salads, healthy sweets. The Internet is a recipe book without limits. Take out the chef inside you and pay yourself a proper tribute.

Take up that project you had parked.

Write a book, set up your website, create a blog, plan that dream trip for when all this happens, anything that goes through your head and for which you never have time. Now is the perfect time to unleash your imagination.

You can also take the opportunity to consider changing to that profession that you have always liked. For this, you can search for information and exits through the Internet, or you can investigate Official Professional Certificates that fit that professional profile.

Let’s Explore new Series and Movies

With platforms like Netflix, HBO, Sky or Amazon Prime Video, getting bored is almost impossible. Pour yourself a good bowl of popcorn and enjoy the chapters of your favourite series without regrets. As for movies, it is time to see all those movies that stayed with you from the Oscars.

Prepare for the visit to your favourite places 

Okay, it’s not even remotely possible that you can visit your favourite places. But it is a good idea to explore a platform that lets you save all your memorable places by sharing your Old Memories & Experiences around Places, DIY Tips, Fun & Frolic Moments, Share your Recipe, Wellness and Being U. It is time to enjoy being idle and connect with like-minded people, and it can be a good idea having everything organized with Cushy

And if you like arts and crafts, you can always take the opportunity to learn something, sew and practice it at home.

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