Bucket list to Add and Venture


I started with my bucket list to add and venture after watching the Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson starrer brilliant movie ‘ The Bucket List’.

Every time I pick up my little diary that secretly contains my list or proudly check an item covered, I can hear Freeman’s voice in my ears “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching”, it is this little piece that inspired me to create my very own bucket list. Oh yes, that is the best part, it is yours, a complete bona fide, your copyright, watermarked, and everything that has YOU plastered on it. It is the list that contains your dreams stacked on paper, the ones you desire to achieve in this lifetime. Hence you got to check this bucket list to add and venture when planning for an adventure.

Climbing the Everest


I will start with this since I have aspired to do this since my school days after reading about Tenzing Norgay, he was such a crush. It takes more than two months if the weather favors you to climb the world’s tallest mountains. Apart from a hefty amount of money required, it would help if you were in paramount healthy physical condition to tick this item off your list.

Road Trip to Leh Ladakh


This is a common yet a much-desired item from your bucket list, especially if you are an adventure enthusiast like me. You can start your trip from Delhi and ride or drive into nature’s Garden of Eden. Check out the pictures that fellow travelers have shared with us on App Cushy, and you will be looking at your calendar for the next long weekend.

Swimming with Dolphins


For me, a dog is a man’s best friend on land, in water, it is a dolphin. There are various places in the world now where you can lap around with your water buddy. Azores, Greece, Australia, Florida, Sri Lanka are places where this popular sport is available.

Ziplining in Niagara


Niagara is gorgeous in the day or at night. The newest and coolest way to see the falls is with zip lining across it. Imagine the feel of the water spray from the falls and you soaring above while your camera attached to your gear records the whole experience. Also, that is something we would love for you to share with us here in Cushy.

Shave my Head


I know you are thinking about how this counts as an adventure on my bucket list. The thing is that I would like to shave off and donate my tresses to the charitable cause of making wigs for cancer patients. It’s thrilling to know my hair is shining on someone else’s head who is bouncing in her walk to make her hair flutter in the wind.

Travel to Antarctica and Stay in an Igloo

Travel-to-Antarctica-and-Stay-in-an Igloo

This is more so because I have never really figured the science behind the whole igloo concept. Is it warm and cozy inside, although it is made of ice? I am sure I could check for likeminded travelers on Cushy to accompany me, it is baffling to many of us, which is why the Igloo hotels and resorts are in existence.

Spend a Day with Our Nation’s Heroes


There is something about every army personnel that has astounded me. Where do they get all that love for their country? I have always stopped at the sight of an army hero just so I could hear them talk; I have struck a conversation with them whenever I could but never spent a whole day with them, living their life.

My bucket list to add and venture is not yet complete. That is yet another enchantment of it, keep adding, even when you turn a 100.

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Let’s explore!

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