Do you believe every place has story?


Yes, we in Cushy believe every place has story and we have built a platform for it. As each place has its own distinct flavours, feelings, affection, joy and has been shaped by the passage of time and history. We also believe that these stories will inspire people to go out there and explore the places around them, to appreciate and care for the world and to make the most of their short time on the planet.


Today, everyone’s looking out to do authentic things, try different food or eatery every time we go out, explore different places, learn about exciting activities, night life, wellness, shopping and outdoor adventures. Most stories have a ‘someplace’, and that someplace in each of our stories is important. Places are like people and we have wonderfully complex relationships with them. They give us the context for our lives, and often evoke strong feelings and memories that are lifetime experiences and worth sharing.  

No place has a single story. The interplay of our lives with the landscapes and cityscapes around us is entirely unique. No one can see through your eyes, or experience the world as you do. Everyone has their own lens on the places they visit. Places are made of a thousand stories, and it is only through gathering our experiences all together that the fluid, ever-changing stories of a place that  may be brought to life.

Cushy is for You?

Cushy will help you to discover and explore experiences near you. It is an amazing hyper-local social discovery application like a scrapbook of memories around places, to help people have different experiences across the world by allowing them to share their experiences in the form of visual or video reviews, stories, micro blogs and also viewing other’s stories of a particular location or a particular experience of place by category. The main goal is to make the App a one-tap solution for an explorer and also the person who wants to share his experience. Also It is a unique platform to get connected with like minded explorers, being storytellers, get rewarded on everything you do.

As the old saying goes, “it isn’t a trend until it happens three times”. So, if you really want to keep the experiment sharing rolling in, it’s you, the storyteller, who has to tell the world what’s great.

Let’s Discover, Explore and Share Experiences on Cushy @ We welcome your feedback and suggestions on the latest version of hyper-local social discovery App. Reach as on

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