India is so incredibly large and diverse that it looks more like a continent than a country. A visit to this immense country from the snowy peaks of the Himalayas to the tropical waters of Kerala or the desert of Rajasthan will make you experience how divergent Indian trip will be. Today’s Cushy blog is on why one should end their India trip in Goa

The landscape of India is so diverse that it turns your country tour joyful. And that fits perfectly with the rest of the country with its rich culture, delicious food, religion, people and languages. If you walk on the street through any city you will notice and can enjoy every part of India on your trip.

If it fits your schedule, I can recommend ending your India trip in Goa. Known for its cosy beach resorts and long beaches, this laid-back coastal province is the destination for us to handle all impressions. The atmosphere is completely different from the rest of the country. It is much quieter and you can finally relax a bit. I suggest you spend a whole week in the town of Palolem, where you can surround yourself with beautiful beaches, good food and cosy guesthouses.

Goa has been one of India’s most popular places for years. It is known for its beautiful coastal beaches, delicious food and parties that continue well into the night. Goa is a world apart from the rest of India and has been a popular holiday destination for ages. It was known for its white sandy beaches stretching over 100 kilometers and attracting two million tourists every year.

Why do you have to go for trip in Goa?

The number of visitors has increased enormously in recent years due to the cheap travel costs. Not only tourists but also Indians themselves flock to the coast. And although Goa is not exactly like India, certainly not because of the ever-increasing number of hotels and resorts, you can still find a quiet piece of the beach if you are willing to search.

Once you have found it, Goa is a perfect place to recover from the busy life in India.

Best travel time

The best time to discover the beautiful beaches in this region are from November to March. December and January are the most popular months because the weather is the best. You have almost no rain in those months with cool mornings and evenings and wonderfully warm afternoons. In addition, the sea is calm in these months, which makes swimming a bit safer.

The best beaches you can explore in goa

In the north, you have Calangute and Baga. In the south Colva and Benaulim. If you are looking for parties it is best to go to Anjuna, Vagator and Chapora where accommodation is difficult to find. For a relaxing holiday, you can go to Patnem, just past Palolem or to Agonda further along the coast where the resorts and hotels are still minimal and you are more dependent on hostels and guesthouses.

The only place where you can still find the hippie scenes like in the sixties at Arambol in the north. Here you can still follow yoga classes.



Palolem Beach is also known as ‘Paradise Beach’. This beach stretches between two magnificent headlands and the beach is lined with towering coconut palms. 35 kilometers south of Margao you will find the swaying palm trees, a perfect bay, the golden sandy beach and a magnificent view of the Sahyadri Hills. Palolem is the ideal place for a few days of chilling at the beach.



Known since the time of the hippies, Candolim is one of India’s most famous beach resorts, and not only for the beach. The flea market held here is famous. Candolim still attracts backpackers and other tourists looking for a dose of ‘hippie scene’.



Of all the beaches in India, this beach has a popular name. Baga is known for its rugged cliffs, headlands, greenery and sandy beach. It makes it one of the most beautiful beach areas in the north of Goa and known as the most beautiful beaches with the clearest water

if you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming trip and want to be fully prepared then this is the course for you. Please share your views and ideas in the comments section!

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  1. The most amazing sunset I have seen today at this Baga beach, I loved sand walk even many people were meditating all around which was too adorable. It is a kind of different world when it comes to beauty. I cannot explain sunset it was just marvelous. I love this place and wish to visit again as soon as I will get a chance.


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