Explore Yourself In This Pandemic For An Alternative


This pandemic has really pushed our world two steps back. With all the chaos going around you, it’s time that you start introspecting yourself. Take a step back and explore yourself in this pandamic. Do things that you always wanted to do. COVID crisis has tilted the axis of the whole human society, but let’s be honest, it’s not that bad if we see it from a different perspective. Yes, it is bad, it is one of the worst things to happen in human history, but there are certain facts of this pandemic that can be used by one’s to form a better self.

We run and try to follow our daily schedule so much that there is hardly enough time to explore ourselves. We have reached a point of no feelings for ourselves. Motivation, the productivity of people is at an all-time low. In spite of all this, the world is continuing to move forward. It does not stop for anyone. It’s about time we make use of this precious time and start doing things that have more productivity. Below mentioned are some of the ways in which you explore yourself and become a better version of yourself than before.

1) Become more productive each day

Keep your mind fresh, don’t let it get crowded. Watch for different options and try. Sometimes you may see a choice, but not everything is worth trying. Beware of your choices, beware of your limits.

2) Go out of your comfort zone

Nothing in this world is for free. Everything comes at a price, be it a materialistic, emotional, or currency paid. Humans become so busy in their life that they hardly think about their own choices. We have become a species that follows like the herd. Low importance is given to creativity and individualism. Following the herd is seen as a plus point while anything that is slightly changed or different from our current life choices is sometimes frowned upon. It is more like a robot generation factory, which continuously works on pushing people towards the same direction. Don’t be like that. DON’T BE LIKE THE WORLD. Have your own choices. No matter how much you have failed in life, you can always restart. There is no necessity that a person who is a great cricket will also be that great in cooking and vice versa. So, don’t forget to explore your expertise. Everyone has some, you too. You just need to find it to explore yourself in this Pandamic.

3) Life is all about adjustment

Sometimes, you have to adjust. You just can go around this. It may be hard, it may be slow, but in order to go forward, you have to take a step back and change direction. It’s like navigation, whenever the shortest path is blocked, we take the second most suitable road to reach our destination. Same with our life. There will be times when you just can’t reach your target, or let’s be honest maybe you are not meant to be there, Take a step back, think a little, and go forward appropriately. Taking a step back doesn’t mean you have failed, or you are scared. It is often more clever to take a step back, analyze the situation, take necessary action and precaution, and then go forward. it’s better to go prepared rather than just sitting there blank. Therefore, understand your needs and your dream accordingly. There is no limit in dreaming high, but make sure the excessive height should not scorch your dreamy eyes from the dangerous rays like situations in life.

4) Explore places

Go out, live a little. Life is so much more than just academics and impressing society. Sometimes all you need is a change. A change necessary to factory reset your mind from the busy life. A change that is very much needed to be healthy. YES, you heard that right, our mental state has a very big factor when it comes to staying healthy. Take a break from your busy schedule, plan a nice weekend with friends, and go out to a place and try to drain your tired mind.


You need change. Explore Yourself In This Pandemic and your options in life. The phrase “a bird in hand is better than two in the bush” is not always correct. Risk and life go hand in hand. You cannot play it safe throughout your whole life. Just search for alternatives, try to do something different. Things that you like. Visit places. Download the App Cushy, and search for places to enjoy your weekend, you need it. Discover and explore your life only with App Cushy.


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