FM Radio Is Entertainment Or Experience

FM Radio is Entertainment or Experience

Have you ever tune in to your favourite radio station on a long trip? Do you feel being incomplete without tuning in to your favourite radio show on the go? Or have you ever wondered why some people prefer FM radio over the cool apps on their mobile for Entertainment? 

Well, it is quite noteworthy that even in this digital age where there is easy access to music apps as well as downloadable music files, the classic love for FM radio is not lost. From discovering new music to catching up with the latest news, FM radio does it all. 

FM Radio is anytime a distinctive entertainment channel, more of one to one feed, yet mass media communication. According to Economic Times, “Radio is the second most accessed medium across metros and non-metros with listeners tuning in five days a week.” It is because even with the vast digital transformation, Radio is the only intimate and mobile medium that can be entertaining. 

Impact of FM Radio on Listeners

“The power of radio is not that it speaks to millions, but that it speaks intimately and privately to each one of those millions.” as quoted by an American theatrical director and author Hallie Flanagan Davis. The sight and Sound of Radio are created within us and can have a more significant impact and involvement. Having said that, Radio personalizes the experience of listeners, driving a listener to use their imagination while decoding what’s unfolding. In scientific terms and mentioned in the research article, “Radio is the theatre of the mind, as Sound is stored in the memory more effectively than the written word. Sound, the spoken word offers emotion and encourages the listener’s imagination to produce their own desirable image.”

Today’s FM Radio is evolving around 3 E’s – Entertainment, Engagement, and Experience.



FM radio is a great entertainment source for people commuting to work, stuck in traffic, or even on long road trips. It’s the freely available source of entertainment that dominates its power in rural areas.


Local Radio Jockey creates a personal relationship with their listening audience, and that audience is more likely to trust what they say and respond to their message. Audiences feel a sense of trust in their radio station. Listeners use Radio for emotional support, to keep their spirits up during routine tasks or chores. They come to rely on the station and presenters to do this for them, for many hours every week. 

” Radio cultivated my personal as well as mental growth. It helped me find my own abilities that was unaware of like public speaking, a leadership quality, creative thoughts” shared by Ex RJ Tapan /BigFM


Enabling everyone to connect with the celebrity over the show is what makes FM Radio an ultimate experience providing a medium for common people. It gives an immense and long-lasting impression on people who get a chance to talk with their favorite RJ or the guest who appeared. One such talk show that has changed the face of FM radio is ‘Dilse with Jimmy.’ The host, Jimmy Tangree hails from Kolkata and dwells in many hearts. He started his journey as a DeeJay in the late ’80s, and today is Heading 91.1 Friends FM. Initially, this was set as a nighttime show, but with the increase in demand, the show was scheduled for multiple slots throughout the night.


Even with the advent of technology, we are still lacking the personal connection that FM radio can provide. It offers live and interactive sessions, broadcast music, and the latest information on the current happenings within the city from traffic updates to events and contests. Soon you can view a lot of podcasts from RJ’s and entertainer on Cushy entertainment tab. Keep exploring at Cushy and share your experiences.


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