Healthy Habits For Kids To Make This Lockdown Fun

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If you are running out of ideas to keep your children occupied during your work hours, then this article is for you! We have compiled a few easy and smart ways to help you out in these hours.

Schedule a playtime

When your productivity is optimal at work, and you do not want any distractions, these hours would be perfect to schedule playtime for your kids. You can keep aside their favorite toys and activities to be used only during these hours. You can even set up a dedicated play area. Remember to always keep it hygienic, and if you are worried about safety, you can also set up a webcam for remote assistance.

Enroll in online activity-based classrooms

Understand the interests and preferences of your kids and enroll them in e-classes. These can be based on activities like general knowledge, art, and craft, music, etc. At times such online classes give some tasks to do based on learnings from the activities. This will help to focus their energy on being creative as well as productive.

Designate a space for creativity

Set up a creative space for your kids with lots of craft supplies like paper sheets, glue, tapes, scissors, glitter, etc. This helps encourage them to create something new each day. You can also throw in days dedicated to solving puzzles and other challenging games. This will be the most important Healthy Habits For Kids To Make This Lockdown Fun.

Limit screen-time

Your kids may love to play videogames, watch cartoons, or movies on TV. Letting them enjoy screen-time can provide a moment of relaxation for you. However, limit these to smaller durations. For example, if there is an unplanned meeting, you can depend on gadgets to keep your kids engaged and give you the time you need. You can even set up virtual parties for your kids, wherein they can interact with their friends through video conferences.

Participate in household chores

Another great way to add fun time is to encourage your kids to participate in household chores. These can also be turned into games with sweet incentives. For example, whichever of your kid makes their bed first gets an extra scoop of ice-cream, etc. They can also help in setting up the tables or mixing ingredients while cooking, etc.

Try some grounding techniques.

It is okay if your child feels anxious and restless locked up in the house all day. In such a case, you can focus on calming and relaxing activities. You can download mandalas from the internet, schedule coloring activities, deep breathing activities, and other soothing tasks to help reduce anxiety and build patience. You can also try some other techniques like asking them to look at five things that they can touch, three things that they can smell, one thing that they can taste, etc. These are not only great meditating activities for them but also give you a break you deserve.


With this lockdown, managing healthy habits for kids is a huge challenge. Focusing on quality time with your kids rather than quantity will help you get closer and shed a different perspective on understanding your kids. You must introduce your kids to the concept of wearing masks before they step out, sanitizing and cleaning their hands all the time and also prepare them for the changing lifestyles by making these fun and engaging. For more such tips, visit App Cushy.

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