How Lifestyle Choices Impact On Health


Are you working in the office day in and day out and churning the junk food, with no or very little exercise? Do you have a busy lifestyle and a little to no time to take care of your health? Or are you completely clueless about how your lifestyle choices impact your health? The Cushy is all that you need. 

A healthy lifestyle has always been a social concern. But amidst the hustle and bustle of life, we tend to ignore the signs of an unhealthy and stressful lifestyle. Cushy does not only help you discover places around you, but it also encourages you to take a step towards positive lifestyle factors that promote good health. Cushy enables you to make intentional choices when it comes to diet, physical activities, and travel. Here are a few ways how your lifestyle choices impact your health.

The influence of location


A variety of places influence and affect our health, including physical circumstances. For example, if you were to stay in a high-altitude area, the variations in temperature and the kind of physical activity you put your body through will immensely affect your health. Similarly, if you were to go to a low lying area or a high-temperature location, the sudden changes in the weather would impact your body and mind. With Cushy, you can explore beforehand the temperature, weather, and other aspects of a location. So, if you were to travel to a high-altitude area, you would know the exact gears and clothing required that would keep you safe, warm, and healthy.

Food and dietary habits


The kind of food you consume also affects your health immensely. If you are traveling to a mountainous region where trekking and hiking are on your schedule, then a more nutrient-rich diet is what you need to fuel your body. Similarly, if deep diving is on your list, eating minimal would do the magic and make your body suitable for the changes in your surroundings. Along with exploring the places for activities to do, you can also explore the restaurants nearby along with the kind of cuisines they serve so you can keep up with your dietary needs. 

Recreational activities


It is essential to find a balance between work and physical activities. Cushy helps you explore and discover the best recreational activities around you, especially outdoors. With honest feedback and genuine recommendations, you find activities, events, and even communities that you are interested in – whether hiking, skiing, diving, paragliding, bungee jumping, or only even the best locations for a relaxed walk around nature. Participating in such activities enriches self-expression and physical strength and paves the way to a happier and healthier life.


Maintaining a good lifestyle is an investment that pays off in a positive way and leads you to a healthy life. Cushy helps you discover and explore places that can help you feel relaxed and energized. Discovering new places, trying delicious food and meeting with amazing people enables you to take a step towards stress management, developing a passion and a hobby, even pampering yourself, and a great way to keep a check on mental health. 

If you want to discover amazing places near your cities to have a relaxing weekend alone or with family, you need to install Cushy, an app designed for people like you. You can find what you love you to do or try out something new and share your experiences. Who knows, you might help change someone’s lifestyle towards a healthy living someday. Download Cushy APP Now!


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