How To Not Let Social Media Affect You

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Have you ever found yourself lost deep into someone’s profile that you start wondering how to not let social media affect you? Do you feel obsessed over someone’s perfect life, lifestyle, etc. that you see on their social media posts? If you answered yes, then you must convert these thoughts into persevering social media as a tool of inspiration. Social media should not be perceived as a platform that breeds self-hate and insecurity.

6 powerful tips on how to not let social media affect you.

Take a break

The first ways on how to not let Social Media affect you is when you take a break from social media, you let your mind rest and breathe. You can think with a clearer mind and prioritize yourself. Many studies have shown that taking a break boosts productivity. Our minds adapt to stimulations. So when your mind is constantly adapting to social media, it results in a lack of focus, productivity, and boredom. So take breaks for a short or extended time and improve your mood.

Create a purpose

When you create a purpose and work around that, it keeps you focussed. For instance, if your only purpose of using Facebook is to stay connected with your friends, then you will not be distracted by other negative thoughts. When you do something with a purpose or an intent, you are less vulnerable to the triggers that bring negative thoughts and leave you insecure.

Discover your creativity

Creativity is a great way to combat the moments when you are feeling low. Self-expression is one of the best ways to make yourself feel accomplished and empowered. So put together a new dress, make DIY crafts, host live video chats on topics that you love, or experiment with new recipes. So find what you love and discover your unique talents.

Transform your perspectives

There are many ways to interpret posts, images, updates, and comments on social media. You can either choose to see all that is negative or see the positive. For instance, if you come across posts of couples on social media, you can be jealous and let your negative thoughts take over, or you can choose to be happy for their relationship and maybe even leave some positive comments. When you see things from a positive mindset, you are more likely to find joy, happiness, and inspiration.

Postpositive and clean content

When you post negative content, you trigger negative emotions, not only for yourself but also for your readers. On the other hand, positive content would encourage you to be positive, improve your health, and even make your readers feel better. Many studies have also found that reading and thinking positively helps to boost immunity, resistance, and keeps you away from illness.

Be a part of the cause.

Recent research has found that users who actively post, comment, like, and share on social media, have a special sense of bonding and inclusiveness with others on social media. The user is also less likely to compare lifestyles that lead to negative feelings of envy. So instead of being a passive user who mindlessly scrolls through social media, be a part and contribute to the virtual community.

In Conclusion

Remember that you are in control and responsible for your emotions. Social media can only affect you if you let it control your mind. So disconnect with those that bring you down, accept or reject a connection request at your own accord and send positivity by engaging actively. Want more tips on how to not let social media affect you? How do you deal with the negative effects of social media? Leave your comments below. Make sure to download Cushy to find interesting places around you.

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