How To Stay Active & Entertained During The Lockdown


Are you feeling that itch to go out and roam the entire world during the lockdown? Or do you feel sick while staying in the home all the time? We can completely understand how it feels like to stay caged in our own comfort zone. Today, we are going to share some superb ideas to make you feel more lively and get entertained during the lockdown. 

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Superb Ways To Entertain Yourself During Lockdown

Now without any further ado, let’s have a look at 5 cool ways to entertain yourself during the lockdown.

Start Side Hustle


No matter whether you lost your job during this pandemic or you just want to upgrade yourself, starting a side hustle is a superb way to have both extra income and honing extra skill sets. Now you must be thinking, I have no clue on how to start a side hustle. Well, the first step is to find the niche. This means you have to figure out a topic or an idea around which you want to play and scale your online startup, blog, podcast, or more.

Ideas to start online Side Hustle in the pandemic

  • Start Blogging.
  • Become Influencer/Youtube.
  • Write & sell Ebooks.
  • Online business. 
  • Webinars/online courses.
  • Start freelancing.
  • Do part time online job/Internship.
  • Become an online Yoga mentor.
  • Teach Dance online.
  • Provide digital services.

Focus on Health & Fitness


Staying healthy is the most important thing that you should do during the lockdown. You must also start analyzing your food nutrition intake and must add additional supplements if you feel like you are lacking it.

Things that you can do to stay fit during lockdown:

  • Start Yoga.
  • Eat nutritional food.
  • Sleep on time.

Spend Quality time with Family


If you try to look at the positive side of being at home all the time then you will find that it’s a great way to spend quality time with family. 

You can do some interesting things together with your family like:

  • Cooking some YUMMY dishes.
  • Watching Netflix.
  • Playing indoor games like badminton.

Start Spending Time on Your Hobby.

It’s really a great time to explore new things and start spending time on your hobby that you ignored for a long time. While your hobby is probably a way to keep you satisfied and involved, you also have other goals in mind. For example, jigsaw puzzles are less painful physically than lifting.

You can do cool stuff to unlock the passionate you:

  • Gardening.
  • Painting.
  • Play your favorite FM radio.
  • Learn/Play musical instruments.
  • Read novels. 
  • Redesign your living area.

Apart from this, is there anything that you loved doing when you were younger. Perhaps it is worth trying to recreate those memories.


We hope you must have enjoyed reading these cool ideas about staying active and entertained during the lockdown. We hope you must implement some/all of it to keep yourself keep going and fight with your anxieties that developed during the pandemic. Also, do good care of your family member. It’s a time that you may miss when everything will get back to normal.

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