Is Ambience Influence your Experience?


How Does An Ambience Of Place Influence Your Experience?

The ambience of a place set’s the first impression on a visitor. It can either influence in a positive or negative way. Thus, it’s highly crucial to touch all the touchpoints of a visitor by setting up the right and balanced ambience. Everything about the place matters equally like architecture, interior, temperature, lighting, neatness, choice of decoration, or even the color scheme. Do you want to know more about how the ambiance influences experience? Keep reading this article.

Lights and flashy visualization

Lighting and colors contribute a great deal to a place’s ambience. Lights and colors keep you visually engaged. It could be that you watched a very flashy and visually appealing laser show on your trip abroad, and you happen to stumble upon something similar locally, and it would take you back to that trip all those years ago. The intensity of the lighting also affects your moods and further etches the exact emotions in your memory. 

Scents and fragrances

Your sense of smell is the most emotional of all senses. Unique odors and fragrances trigger memories. And such memories have very strong emotions attached to it. Such an ambience influence your experience. You could be sitting in your living room right now, and a familiar smell could take you years back into that solo trip. Your smell of sound has profound effects on your memory, emotions, and mood. And any familiar scents help you associate to a particular place. 

Local cuisines and culture

Taste is another such powerful sense. The food you intake also has a great impact on your memory. Every place comes with its own cuisines that carry a story of its own. The beautiful blend of various spices, the different ways of cooking, and the variety of food are factors that impact your decision and cravings to come back and try everything that is being served on the menu. The kind of culture that mixes into the food and the way it triggers your taste-buds along with the kind of service add to the ambience of a place. 


Your ears can memorize complex sounds in a very effective way. This is why we remember familiar songs, and they help us relive memories. It does not really matter which kind of music it is, or what language the lyrics are in, all types of music have an effect on moods, and it plays a vital role in shaping your experience. It could even be leaving you craving for more and visiting again for a feeling of familiarity and homeliness. 


The ambience influences of a place can impact our decisions in many ways. It can discourage or lead to interactions among other people. A restaurant that provides comfortable chairs and privacy would encourage you to stay there for a longer period, thereby taking in as much as you can of that experience. Similarly, the ambience of a place can influence moods like bright and Colourful lights to give a great visual image that automatically brightens up the place and is etched in our minds.

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