Kitchen Ingredients For A Regular Skin Care

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Next time you think about beautiful things, count yourself in. This blog is not to give a cliched definition to beauty or a campaign to sell products to get a white skin tone, it is some tips using kitchen ingredients and shared with a lot of love from our team, to remind you to take care of yourself, even though most salons are closed and you’re working from home- remember the fairy godmother is sitting in your kitchen with her magic wand with kitchen ingredients for a regular skin care

This is App Cushy’s salon voucher to its readers- some very easy and almost no time consuming DIY skincare regime, that too with ingredients from your kitchen!  With the pay cut in our salaries now, this will save you a few extra bucks without compromising on your daily skincare needs; needless to say, your skin will love the break from all the artificial and to some extent harmful cosmetic products with these age old Ayurvedic indulgences.   

List of kitchen ingredients for a regular skin care



The one kitchen ingredient that is part of every Indian household and tremendously gaining popularity all over the world is Turmeric.  This simple spice has so many properties, and new ones being discovered every day- it is anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and so many more. The healing properties that are present in Turmeric are derived from Curcumin, a chemical present in it.

How to use:

·         You could mix it with a little honey and lemon and apply it on your face to get a glowing, oil-free skin.

·         Make a simple pack of milk and turmeric and get rid of dry spots or fungal patches on the skin. The suppleness on your face post washing will make you a big fan.

·         The most popular is, of course, gram flour mixed with curd and a little turmeric, the simplest yet stunningly effective anti-tan scrub.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is yet again a necessary pantry item and is part of the grocery list almost every month. This oil has cooling properties and is ideal in the summer months. This therapeutic oil has anti-microbial properties and is effective in treating eczema.

How to use:

·         Use it as a moisturizer or put some in your bathing water to retain the moisture content of your skin. Apply on dry lips as a lip balm or pour a little in any face or bodypack.

·         Mix coconut oil with some sugar and honey, use this as an effective scrub, which will show immediate results to rid your skin off flaky, dry patches.

·         Bunk the over the counter makeup removal tonic or wash, this is an excellent makeup remover, that serves the dual purpose of removing all traces of makeup and moisturizing your skin.

Lemon and Honey

Lemon and Honey

This is an extraordinary pair, umpteen benefits for the whole body. The concoction helps in cutting down body fats; it cleanses the system or simply lifts the simple cup of Chai. Lemon and honey is an ideal skin rescuer. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent, so perfect in removing tan, and honey is an excellent hydrator.

How to Use:

·         The simplest would be a quick mix of lemon and honey in equal proportion for a face pack.  Glow and hydrate and have everyone wondering.

·         Mix honey and lemon with curd and gram flour, use this as a scrub all over your body and get rid of dry flaky skin, also you’ll see considerable lightning in roughed up spots like the elbow, knee, armpit, etc.

·         This one is a personal favorite, mix lemon and honey in equal proportions and add coarse sugar granules into the mix. This is an impactful face scrub, but like the artificial ones, this will not dry out your skin.

Vegetables, Fruits, Plants & Herbs

Vegetables, Fruits, Plants & Herbs

Do not throw out the rear end of the cucumber, use this as an under-eye patch. Dig into your refrigerator and see what vegetables and fruits you have in there. Take a peek at your kitchen garden. Your everyday mundane cooking items, when mixed with simple kitchen ingredients, can be brilliant items for a healthy skin regime.

·         Mix a little roughly mashed tomato with milk and use this to lightly scrub your face. This will remove black spots and give it an instant glow.

·         Papaya and honey with a little lemon juice for treating acne and blackheads.

·         Got a stubborn sunburn, rub a slice of potato on the irritated skin.

·         Soak some Neem leaves in your bath water, a natural antiseptic.

·         Boil some green tea leaves in water, let it cool down, add tulsi, honey, and lemon. This face pack is a lifesaver for rejuvenating your skin and helps fight against skin aging.


Share your experience with us here in Cushy. Remember, this lockdown and social distancing and work from home will soon be over and we will be partying with friends and hugging our loved and going through multiple wardrobe upgrades very soon. You need to take care of yourself and look and feel your best for all the wonderful people you will meet soon- the most wonderful of them all, is the one staring at you from the mirror! Take advantage of the simplest kitchen ingredients for a regular skin care routine and thank us every time you feel your skin.

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