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Places Do Have Stories

Because in Cushy we believe every place has stories and we have built a platform for it. As each place has its own distinct flavors, feelings, affection, joy and has been shaped by the passage of time and history. We also believe that these stories will inspire people to go out there and explore the places around them, to appreciate and care for the world and to make the most of their short time on the planet.
No place has a single story. The interplay of our lives with the landscapes and cityscapes around us is entirely unique. No one can see through your eyes, or experience the world as you do. Everyone has their own lens on the places they visit. Places are made of a thousand stories, and it is only through gathering our experiences all together that the fluid, ever-changing stories of a place that may be brought to life.

How can you discover and explore Cushy?

• You can share your experiences you discovered in the form of images or videos and geotag the location along.
• You can explore the places which are experienced by other Cushy users nearby
• On your profile page, you will have all your experiences shared in a grid structure
• Cushy has channels based on interests and this helps you find other people with similar interests.
• Explore experience and places in ‘Global Cushy’, ‘Around Me’, ‘Around My City’ and ‘Popular Cushy’.
• You can bookmark any Cushy you like and find the location of Cushy by clicking on the geotag button.
• Discuss with friends and followers whenever you want.

How to Earn Reward on Cushy?

Refer & Earn:

Refer Cushy to your friends and family with whom you want to share your experiences and stories.
Share your unique referral code via any media.
You will earn 25 cushy coins when your referral registers and create one Cushy on App.

Share & Earn:

Share your experiences as Cushy with valid media, description and geotag.
On every valid Cushy, you will earn 10 – 15 Cushy Coins.
Also, you can share your story and earn 20 Cushy Coins

Followers Reward:

Whenever any Cushy user starts following you, you will earn 1-5 Cushy Coins.
All your followers are the first to see your Cushy created.

Amazing Exchange Offers:

You can exchange your Cushy Coins with high worth Coupons and Vouchers available in Reward’s Exchange page.
Request for redemption is subject to validation.
See your Voucher status on the History page.

Unlock offers and deals near you.

You can unlock exclusive offers and deals notified to you as per status and content.
It is Personalised, Location-based and Recommendation base Offers.
All offers are spot and published by business partners
All offer coupons and deals available on the deals page and can be redeemed from there.
Cushy reserves the right to accept and decline any exchange and redemption request.

Let’s Discover, Explore and Share Experiences on Cushy
Chat with us: m.me/cushyit Or email: talk@cushy.com

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