Millennials’ Way To Explore Places

Mellinnial ways to explore places

Millennial travelers are good at exploring new places and influencing peoples on social media for recommendations. They use to keep tabs on each happning places in the world they want to be at. We weren’t surprised they’re seeking out more and more unique travel experiences in mind, When looked closely, millennials come off as self-entitled, smartphone loving addicts, however, on the other hand, they are quite open-minded earnest dreamers, eager to explore new places and they love to commute with others. Cushy has once again checked in with Millennial travelers to find out where they really want to travel and the most Millennials’ Way To Explore Places. According to a study:

86% of millennial travellers prefer to pay more for the convenience of flight travel (Insights, 2019). 

Explore Places For Amazing Experiences

However, the remarkable thing about it is that they arrive at destinations with no itinerary! Yes, you heard it right, but now the question is how do they find places to explore in a city? Well, to answer this question, we have written this intriguing article where we have combined together many ways by which millennials explore places for amazing experiences.

Pinterest it 


Pinterest is not just about sharing images but helps you narrow down your search. For example, if you log in to Pinterest and enter ‘Thailand,’ you would automatically get a few pop-ups like ‘amazing things to do in Thailand’ or ‘5 best restaurants in Thailand.’ And clicking on these would lead to the original page of the article written by a travel blogger. 

Recent studies have found that about 69% of travel pinners use Pinterest to discover travel places(comScore, 2019). Pinterest has more than 320 million users across the globe, which makes it the best place to find off-road experiences and gather knowledge of a place in terms of how to get around it like the pricing, things to pack, what to expect, etc.

Find it on Google Maps


When you arrive in a new city, looking at the Google Map of that area gives you a great idea of what is around you. Whether it is a spontaneous decision or something that you are specifically looking for, the ‘explore’ tab helps you locate it and explore places you love. For example, if you are looking for a place to eat and click on ‘explore,’ you will find restaurants in that area with user recommendations. You can check out what other travellers have to say about that place, and you can even save the location on the map to check it out later.

Hot tips from hostel travellers

When you stay in hostels on your trip, you will find yourself among other travellers like you who are also looking for things to do and places to explore. Building a friendship with them or merely initiating conversations will help you gain tips on the places they have been to in that area and the experiences they have had. And nothing beats having someone share their firsthand travel experiences with you!

Instagram travel accounts

Instagram-travel-accounts-help-you-explore places

Following travel accounts on Instagram does not only give you a feeling of wanderlust but also inspires you to travel to explore places and gives ideas for your next trips. The travel influencers on Instagram also help you find things to do in cities through videos and images that give you the perfect review you need. If you do not know how to find travel influencers on Instagram, you can alternatively type the name of a place you want to visit in the search bar. This is a great way to find popular sites and know more about it in the ‘discovery story.’ Similarly, if you are looking for specific activities searching with the right hashtags will help you find specific locations, and the images are also geotagged!


Arriving at a destination with no itinerary is almost the new norm amongst millennials. About 90.4% of millennials are daily active users of social media (Emarketer, 2019), and it is no surprise that they like to discover things on their own while using this platform.

So, if you want to discover breathtaking places or share your thrilling travel experiences, your hyperlocal discovery and social experience App is Cushy.

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