Most Popular Radio Stations In The World That You Must Know

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Even with music streaming services, the best bet to keep up with the latest music trends globally is through the most popular radio stations in the world. When radio first appeared, it was a revolution. Everything changed, and radio had an important contribution even in politics and social matters. This is because new hits and trends still mostly come from the radio. From bluegrass to jazz to Bollywood, we tune in with some of the most popular radio stations in the world.

Many radio stations around the world play music from their own cultures that could be mainstream or marginal. The internet is bombarded with dozens of aggregators, and so here we bring you the most popular radio stations in the world.

7 Most popular radio stations in the world

KEXP 90.2 FM – Seattle, Washington

This is Seattle’s best public radio station. It is a partnership between the University of Washington and Paul Allen’s Experience Music Project. It highlights the best new alternative music from around the world. This radio station makes our list of the most popular radio stations in the world because it is known for its live studio sessions and is often the first major media outlet to showcase new music bands. It is the best place to hear music before it hits Spotify.

Palanga Street Radio – Lithuania

While nostalgia and seaside are what defines the spirit of the radio, the DJs come from 16 different countries. The contributors share a collaborative spirit, thereby driving their listeners into a multitude of moods. A fun fact is that this radio grew from a DIY music festival in Lithuanian woods called Moss.

BBC Radio 6 – UK

Launched in 2002, BBC Radio 6 was the first new station created by BBC in more than three decades. This digital radio channel focuses on alternative music from all over the globe. It plays everything from dance to jazz to soul. Even though BBC mobile apps are available only for those in the UK, you can head over to their official website for a listen any time.

Spectrum Radio – London

Spectrum Radio is a multi-ethnic radio station based in London, which covers over 20 different ethnic communities. The radio station broadcasts multicultural ethnic music shows.

Radio City – Delhi, India

Radio City is the first private FM radio station in India. It broadcasts a range of 91.1 MHz. The station plays regional songs as well as English and Bollywood songs. The channel broadcasts from Lucknow, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore.

HKCR – Hong Kong

HKCR or Hong Kong Community Radio was established by a community of local creative minds, musicians, artists, and supporters. This radio station is dedicated to giving a voice to newcomers, outsiders, and even minorities. You can even enjoy their broadcasts on Facebook.

Jazz Heart Radio – South Korea

Jazz Heart Radio is one of the most popular South Korean radio that broadcasts live 24/7. They offer on-demand personal playlists, and you can pick your favorite songs. There is a huge fan following of Jazz artists in South Korea, and this radio station is a great place for fellow Jazz lovers.


These are some of the most popular radio stations in the world that will help give a jump start to your day. Embarking on an amazing adventure will yield boundless rewards. And so dive right into these radio stations, whether on your smartphone, tablet, or smart speakers. Exploring exotic, unfamiliar music genres will make you a new person.Which are some of the most popular radio stations in the world that you enjoy listening to? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to download App Cushy, a hyperlocal social experiencing app.

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