Must Try Street Foods In Jaipur


The pink city of India is famous for the palaces, forts, culture, and its rich tradition. But one thing which makes Jaipur a much trendy topic is the unique and distinguished street food items. The mouth-watering dishes have all types of richness and Rajasthani essence in it that you are bound to fall in love with that place. To make it easy for you for what all you have to eat the next time you visit Jaipur, we are here to give you the must-try Street foods in Jaipur. To explore more places and foods you like. Cushy is a simple Hyperlocal Social experience app to find the top places and experiences of your Taste. Download the App today and explore more.


1) Gol Gappa

The Nand’s and Chawla’s are the most places in Jaipur to eat gol gappa. Famous for its variety in gol gappa, these places are a haven for gol gappa lovers.

2) Mutton tikka

Almost all the people that live in Jaipur are vegetarian but you will be astonished to see the variety of non-veg dishes this city provides. Mutton tikka is one of the most famous street food with the juiciest and delicious mutton flavors oozing out from every ounce of the meat. Sethi barbeque in the Raja park is one of the most famous places for mutton tikka in Jaipur.

3) Kathi roll

Roll lovers, go to AI bake, Mi road to get the most delicious Kathi roles in the whole Rajasthan. Made from super juicy chicken marinated with rich spices overnight, this dish is a must for all meat lovers.

4) Omelet

To all egg lovers out there, Jaipur will be no less than a treat for you. The pink city has numerous tasty places to eat your best omelet. Be it midnight or early morning, you will get a place for sure where you will find amazing omelet. The mouth-watering spicy omelet served with delicious chutneys is one of the most attractive things for the tourists, and, of course, one of the must-try street foods in Jaipur.

5) Pyaaz kachori

This dish is one of the most famous dishes in Jaipur and one of the specialties of every home cook there. A little bit high in calories, these kachoris are full of taste because of its rich and tasty fillings made from all sorts of masala. Once tasted, you will always tempt for more. With over 50 different kachoris available, Rawat bhandar is one of the most famous kachori places in Jaipur.

6) Chaats

This list is incomplete without adding the tasty chaat in the list. Jaipuri chaats like bhel poori, sev poori, etc. are the delights that one should at least try once a lifetime. These chaats are ultra-rich in flavors and very cheap in price, and is available at a lot of chaat center across the whole city. Jawahar circle and Birla Mandir are one of the most famous places for chaats in Jaipur.

7) Jalebi

People who have a sweet tooth and crave for sweets welcome to Jaipur. The jalebis here are one of the crispiest jalebis in the whole country. The rich and sweet taste of jalebis is more than enough to make it into this list of must-try foods in Jaipur.

8) Shrikhand

This dish is the specialty of Jaipur, and hence you should not miss this the next time you visit the city. With its creamy and rich texture, this dish will be in your heart for a lifetime. Served along with garnished nuts, shrikhand is there to steal your hearts away.


The list ends here, although there are many recipes based in Jaipur that we haven’t discussed and are equally tasty, but these are the ones that tourists crave for. Apart from the rich heritage and culture, this city will give your tastebuds a roller coaster ride with its awesome range of street foods. So don’t wait, install the AppCushy and get to know more about must try foods and cultures pan India at one spot.

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