Rejoice Experiences By sharing Your Travel Story


When you tell your story, you free yourself and give other people permission to acknowledge their own story.” (Iyanla Vanzant)

Indeed! That’s how sharing your travel story will help others explore the best places and having a plethora of memories and moments. Well, if you want to share your experiences or explore nearby places, you should install Cushy.


Let’s have a look at how sharing your travel story will help you rejoice experiences.  

Rejoicing your memories forever


When you start sharing your experiences, it works as a tool to remember and cherish that journey forever. It helps you remember the way you felt, the sounds that resonate with that place, and everything that has been etched in your memory. By sharing your experiences, you let others be a small part of that journey, and it will always stay with you forever. Your experiences make you who you are and maybe somewhere along the way you help someone discover themselves too.

Find your voice.


It may seem like opening your vulnerability when you share personal stories with others, but sharing your experience will help you find a voice if you want to communicate a message. If you are unhappy with your journey to a place or want to warn other travels of the unexpected twists that you experienced, you will notice that the more you write about it, the more impact you create among other travel enthusiasts with Your Travel Story. Similarly, if you have loved and enjoyed your journey and want others to feel the same way, or have better recommendations then sharing your personal opinion and sharing a genuine experience makes a huge difference.

Initiate a change in others.


When you strengthen yourself by finding your voice, you help others subconsciously. Like we discussed in the previous point, if you voice your opinion on an unpleasant place you visited, you empower others who have had similar bad experiences to share their stories, and maybe this small step can lead to a change. Similarly, empowering others to share their experiences only makes it easier for other travelers to know the best places to visit and have a great story to add to their experiences.

Become a ‘Hope’


Hope is something that most of us crave without even realizing it. Hope is what keeps us going. Hope helps us to look at the brighter side of life and to make the most of it. And knowledge of how powerful words are, your experience of a place visited can simply brighten someone’s day. Maybe someone has had a very long journey or is just simply blue. Your positive experiences give him the hope of a happy place, a place that he would know what to expect, whether the food or the beautiful scenery.


Every story, whether good or bad, matters. It is a great feeling to share all the good that life has to offer. Great stories make people smile and give them the inspiration to go beyond and be brave. so Your Travel Story can make someone inspire and smile

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