Restaurants In Bangalore To Visit While You’re On A Strict Diet

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It can get confusing to decide where to eat, especially if you are following a diet plan. If you are new to Bangalore, then keep on reading to enlighten yourself with fun and famous places worth stopping by. Karnataka’s capital, Bangalore, is India’s biggest IT hub. People of this country also call it by the name of the renowned Silicon Valley. Besides taking India ahead with its IT advancement, It is also home to amazing and mouthwatering food from Restaurants In Bangalore To Visit While You’re On A Strict Diet

Go up to any South Indian and ask for their staple meals. We are sure you will hear the basic Idli, Dosa, and Sambar, with varied types of Chutneys (a kind of sauce) to go with the main course. However, this South Indian city does not only offer Idlis,

Dosas and Sambars. Instead, you get an endless variety of cuisines from around the globe. Being a lively and gorgeous city, Bangalore goes through the everyday hustle and bustle of its residents. While following the modern trends, Bengaluru is also deeply rooted in its traditions. So wait no more and plan your next solo trip or a family vacation to this wonders city. Bangalore has every element to make your trip worthwhile, from blessing your eyes with awestruck sightseeing to filling your tummies with delicious food.

Check out our top picks of Restaurants in Bangalore to visit while you are on a strict diet.

The Only Place, Ashok Nagar


If your hungry tummy is screaming ‘continental,’ then pay a visit to this cutesy restaurant. While on a diet, protein intake is mostly essential. Try The Only Place’s beautifully done steaks. Either chicken or beef, you are sure to be licking your fingers and wanting more after you are done having them. The simplistic décor with old fashioned chairs and red polka-dotted tablecloths provide a warm and cozy ambiance.

Smally’s Resto Café, Pulikeshi Nagar


This small, funky café has healthy and yummy sandwiches for you to enjoy during your ongoing diet. Reduce the calorie count and fill yourself up with nutritious yet tasty fillings of their assortment of sandwiches. You may also go for plain and nutty muffins or their refreshing fruit drinks.

Treat Restaurant, Hebbal Kempapur


If you are craving North Indian delicacies, then heading towards the Treat Restaurant can be an apt choice. Spice up your pallets with their fat-free Paneer dishes. The peaceful ambiance with walls adorned with eye-catching masterpieces makes it even more relaxing for the guests.



This is a must-visit when you are in Bangalore. Karavalli is rooted in the cultures and traditions of its homeland, offering authentic South Indian cuisine. It has successfully enlisted its name in San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. Enjoy slow-cooked meats in wood fire and seasonal curries along with cuisines from Mangalore and Goa. It is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Bangalore to visit while on a strict diet.

Grasshopper, Kalena Agrahara


This unique restaurant sits on the farm of the owning duo Sonali Sattar and Himanshi Dimri. Both are
fashion designers who have placed their food room within the lush greenery. Grasshopper’s massive

The 7-course menu includes plenty of healthy items for you to enjoy. Dine with ultimate peace in this
restaurant, which is secluded from the busy city center.

Persian Terrace, Rajajinagar


Experience the most pleasing dining experience under the dazzling, starlit sky. This restaurant offers delicious food options from Meze platters, Iranian cuisine, and Pilafs. The Middle-Eastern décor with pretty lanterns and fragrant candles adds more to the aromatic ambiance.


These posh and new-gen restaurants are sure to uplift your mood and also take care of your diet. The options are endless. Get them at the tip of your fingers by downloading our App Cushy. You may not have to surf the internet or ask the locals for suggestions that might eventually leave you confused. See for yourself the real experiences of these food places posted by numerous people in Cushy. With this installed in your smartphone, effortlessly spot the perfect restaurants in Bangalore to visit.

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