Things to Pack for a Bike Trip in India

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We are so thrilled to write this piece on Things to Pack for a Bike Trip for you all. Finally, you have been goaded to take that bike out for a trip.  India is one of the countries in the world that is ideal to satisfy your wanderlust, and what better than doing it on your bike. India is blessed with a variety of terrains that is absolutely beguiling to traverse on, especially with the feel of your giant’s thumping under you. So let’s get you to start packing for this adventure-packed bucket list item. Here is a list of some things to pack for a bike trip in India.

Spare Keys

One of the simplest but extremely crucial items on your list. You will be on the road for some time and stopping over to get rest, food and drinks, or use the bathroom. The key could easily be misplaced, so having a spare comes in handy. Just make sure you do not keep it in your pockets.


A GPS system is great, of course, but not completely reliable always. Plus, it is a good idea to plan your path in advance in the old traditional way. A map especially helps you in getting directions and having them marked when you stop by with locals.

GPS Device

Now that you have an understanding of your trail, you will need to feed that unto your GPS Navigation system, which is mounted on your bike where you can see it while riding.

Hydration Unit

It is absolutely imperative that you stay hydrated on your journey, as shared by fellow travelers with us in App Cushy, it is one the most common ailments one has to face on a bike road trip. Now also because making a pit stop every now and then is hardly an option you want to invest in a good backpack that will have provision for you to carry enough fluids.

Puncture Kit

This item is like taking your dose of vitamins and zinc during the flu season. You prepare for the unseen trouble. Word of advice- just do not carry it, you should know to use it too, and because you are not me – you do.


Movies can have a Greek god look-alike hunk riding through the dusty roads of Rajasthan in a crisp white linen shirt. In reality- you got the picture. So invest in a sturdy, water and dustproof gear. Personally, I prefer a glow in the dark one. Solemn request, when choosing the gear keep safety the priority.

USB Plug-In

You will be making multiple stops whenever possible to admire the roadway, its stunning flora, and fauna, those little mud cottages, or the bunch of ruddy school boys excited to see you take a picture with them. You will need your cell phone or tablet. It is a brilliant idea as shared by fellow travelers to get a USB plug-in charger installed to keep you on the road without fussing over a charging source. Plus, getting reception is on your phone will be challenging, at least with a charged device, you can connect with family whenever you get a bar.

Bike Papers

You will be coming across multiple checkpoints and tolls, also high chances are that you will be riding your bike in a different state as opposed to your registration, so make sure you have all your papers on you.

Health Insurance Card

With the exploration can come some peril, and we adventure seekers are completely aware of that, which is why carrying your health insurance card is just a safe bet.

Bluetooth Helmet Coordinator

Riding with a group? This will come in extra handy for the on-road conversations with your riding buddies. The best part on those serene roads away from the high way, you could play some music, but do not worry the sound of the gushing waterfall would not be missed either. They are designed to not obstruct outside noises.

Headband Light

If you like riding at night, this is a must on your things to pack for a bike trip in India as you may have to stop at the side of a highway in the dark to attend to nature’s call or check the route or to just simply stretch.

Visor Cleaner

A must-have, you will be riding into dust and sand and smoke, so cleaning your visor from time to time is a mandate for clear vision. Word of advice- do not use water to clean your visor, it only worsens it.

Bike or Helmet Mounted VC

This is an experience of a lifetime. You have to have the right tools to record, and because you love yourself and your family, you want a device that is not handheld while riding.

Anti-grip Water Proof Gloves

Just like your gear, there is no compromising with this. Cushy suggests you take a spare, which is our take away from experience shared by other travelers.

Apart from the above here are some more tit bits:

a. Flashlight

b. Helpline/toll-free and service numbers

c.  Energy or granola bars

d. Extra clothing

e. Earplugs

f.   Sunscreen lotion

g.  Toilet paper

Remember to pack light, a bike road trip is supposed to be spontaneous and adventurous where there is no place for the jar of cookies.

Cushy cannot wait to see the pictures. Let’s go VRROOMING. Let’s Explore.

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