Things you should carry in trekking


If you are one of the people who needs to get away from the bustle of urban life and likes to walk outdoors, Cushy recommends you trekking is undoubtedly your sport. It can be the easiest activity to practice and therefore the most popular on weekends. The only objective of the trekking is to enjoy a spectacular landscape while taking care of our body. Therefore in this post we want to give you a series of tips so that you can practice it safely and comfortably.

Things you should carry when you went trekking
Things you should carry when you went trekking

Essential Trekking Tips:

  • Backpack: The most essential thing. To decide here is whether you need an introvert backpack or an extrovert backpack. The so-called introverted type refers to all self-provided, without asking outside. The introvert backpack is of course a large backpack, suitable for activities such as mountaineering, adventure, and scientific investigation. Outgoing means that you carry the necessary equipment, other things and use the local services as much as possible. The outward-looking Backpack is suitable for densely populated areas and more mature tourist routes. 
  • Travelling Shoes:  Travel shoes based on the area you plan to go to and how much you plan to carry. The shoes must be strong enough to protect your feet. For any hiking that is longer than a day, high-top shoes should be used, because low-top shoes are mainly prepared for lightweight and walking on flat roads. The most important thing while buying shoes is to choose the right size, the heel should feel comfortable and the toes should also have the necessary activity space. Try both feet. 
  • Sleeping bags: If you want to camp, you should bring them. There are many kinds of sleeping bags, which are basically classified according to the ability to keep out the cold. The choice can be made according to the season of travel. There are also different sizes of sleeping bags. Don’t just pay attention to the size of the outside. If possible, you should get in when you buy a sleeping bag and feel if it is suitable. 
  • Tent: Although there are places to provide accommodation or camping equipment (and sometimes it feels pretty good to sleep under the stars), it is also worthwhile to bring a tent. If you want to put all your things in the tent overnight, then the tent you carry is a little bigger.
  • Stove:It is said that some people live to eat, and some people eat to live. I think I belong to the latter. I don’t care about chewing raisins, compressed biscuits, chocolate, fried soybeans, fried flour, and other dry foods throughout the trip, but most people still want to eat a hot meal every day. In winter and high mountain regions, the stove is even more essential. A campfire can also be used for cooking, but it is too time-consuming, not very clean, and is not environmentally friendly. However, there is not much choice for the picnic stove at present. It is recommended that you do not wait until Province to buy it.  Various other supplies and dry foods

In addition to the meals you plan to bring, you should also bring some extra dry foods, just in case. Chocolate, canned, dried fruit, etc. are all excellent choices while going for trekking.

  • Camera if you are fond of photography.
  • First aid kit: A must have kit. This bag is the best if it is waterproof. Bring some things to use in an emergency: bandages, Yunnan Baiyao, antibiotic ointment, gauze, band-aid, painkillers, etc. 
  • Knife: Knife(Multi-purpose), Swiss army knife is recognized as the best choice. 
  • Flashlight: If you want to carry out any activities at night a flashlight and a high-capacity alkaline battery may be necessary. The torch does not need to be large, it is best to choose the small, waterproof. Some select products also have foldable brackets, which are also very practical. If sheltered from the wind, candles may be a better choice. 
  • Rope (thick and thin, long and short, depending on the need) 
  • Plastic bag (preferably the kind that can hold food, with zipper seal. For example, consider the refrigerator preservation bag. There are many uses, at least Prepare a dozen. Use environment friendly plastics only) 
  • Water cups and kettles (The weather in Yunnan is dry, and the human body needs a lot of water. It is necessary to bring a large-capacity travel kettle. At the same time, you can prepare some tea or instant coffee.) 
  • Shower gel, washing powder ( It is best to be phosphorus-free and concentrated). 
  • Notebook (Small format, thicker.) Original ballpoint pen. (Preferably multi-colored) 
  • Swimming supplies 
  • Broken gloves (winter, outdoor, mountaineering). 
  • Sandals (for staying in hotels, walking across creeks, and walking along the river, all can be used.) 
  • Driver’s license 

Finally, a basic tip that we can also pass on to our children: the importance of caring for the landscape and the environment. As the hiker’s decalogue preaches: ” Leave the mountain as you like to find it.”

And you, do you practice trekking? What trails have you traveled? Tell us!

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