Top Explored Places in Tiruchirapalli


Tiruchirappalli is an ancient city located along the Kaveri River and is the fourth largest city of Tamil Nadu. it is also known as Trichy is a fine blend of tradition and modernity built around the Rock Fort. Apart from the Fort, there are several Temples dating back to the 1760s. The town and its fort, now in Trichy, were built by the Nayaks of Madurai. And one can notice that as soon you arrive in the city. Today I will guide you on what is worth seeing in Tiruchirappalli. In this article, I will share with you my experience of travelling in and around top explored places in Tiruchirapalli.

As we were travelling back from a hill station with a mind of peace and calm, from Munnar a place in the neighbouring state of Tamilnadu to a busy and buzzing place that our ears can sense to be a prominent tourist destination.

Here we are back to a busy street of people and places around what we have missed in our last visit, 257 KM away at Munnar. So… are you ready? Don’t forget to share your experience with me in the comments ! The first, i have, visited the Ranganatha temple.



This temple is one of the most important and pilgrims come here all year round to attend their ceremonies. Tiruchirapalli ranganadha temple is considered the largest Hindu temple in service, as the largest is Angkor Wat in Cambodia, but it is not active. The temple occupies an area of 631,000 m², with a perimeter of 4,116 meters.

Tiruchirapalli Rock Fort


It is the most outstanding monument in the city, and I am not just saying it because of its location; it serves as a point of reference from any position. This complex was built on an ancient rock 83 meters high. Inside there are two Hindu temples: the Ucchi Pillayar Temple and the Thayumanaswamy Temple. The arrival at the temple goes through a commercial gallery while you are ascending, where you can acquire all kinds of details to make offerings.

That was the day I pretended to be brave, but I had a fever, so the climb was quite hard. But for me, this town meant to meet again that my camera can not miss. This was one of the Places in Tiruchirapalli i explored a lot.

Kallanai dam


Is an old dam constructed across the Kaveri River, situated at a distance of 15 kms. The Dam was built by the then ruler of the area, a Chola king Karikalan around the 2nd Century AD. Among the earliest standing dams of the planet exemplifies the remarkable engineering marvel of Tiruchirapalli

Puliyancholai waterfalls


About 72 km from Tiruchirappalli would be the aquamarine Puliyancholai Falls. Being a terraced waterfall that they appear more like a stream of water, cascading through the stone. The traffic thins out and disappears entirely as you push towards the Kollimalai hills. Its calm scenery on each side of this Puliyancholai Falls, the slopes create a stunning background for the moving clouds. 

Mukkombu Dam


Mukkombu Dam is built on Kolladam and the waterways Kaveri. The Dam is located at a distance of about 18 km. The land has turned into a well-known excursion spot close to the city. A few attractions are like amusement parks, children’s park, angling sports to give a few illustrations. The region has turned into a weekend escape and a prevalent place of curiosity among the places in tiruchirapalli.

I love to share my travel experiences with all. Of course it is quite possible that you would have experienced or will experience the places and its inhabitants very differently, but being a traveller let you explore more. After all, it is all about your own experience which has no filters. Don’t forget to share your experience with me in the comments !

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  1. Excellent must visit place in Trichy, beautiful temples and view around the hill, Siva lingam is very huge, Kallanai dam, Vinayaka temple also very good.


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