Top Online Shopping Mistakes Will Make You Regret

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Online shopping has indeed made life so much easier, but are you making some of the top online shopping mistakes? While there are many pros to online shopping, there are a few things that you need to watch out for. From groceries to clothes to electronics, everything you want is just a click away, and you don’t even need to step out! However, here are a few top online shopping mistakes you must avoid to enjoy its benefits.

Using unreliable shopping sites.

Online shopping is an ever-emerging market with a steady increase in the number of online shopping sites. While some sites are well-known and are quite genuine, there are some suspicious websites, and validating their credibility becomes difficult. Such suspicious websites usually lure customers by offering very cheap pricing, assuring free gifts, cashback offers, etc. At times they might also store your personal and credit card information and maybe misuse it.

So before you decide to shop on a website, try calling the helpline number, check their email ID, look for the authenticity of the website so that you can call them in case of problems later.

Not reading return policies.

If you forget or ignore reading the return policies, you are simply burning your pocket. Different stores offer different return policies. Some even offer you a 14-day window period to return a new and unused item along with the receipt. So you must save receipts until the item you purchased is within the return policy bracket and read return policies before you make a purchase.

Not reading reviews before making the purchase.

Online stores sell both good quality and standard quality products. So before you decide to order a particular product from a website, you need to read the reviews about that product and as well as the website. This helps you get a fair idea about the authenticity of the website and whether they deliver the exact products hosted on their website.

Using public Wi-Fi: a top Online Shopping Mistakes

We are all so addicted to the internet that Wi-Fi has now become a basic need. But using public Wi-Fi is not always ideal, especially while shopping online. This is because you need to give away personal information and your bank account details that hackers can easily use to control and misuse your account. Public Wi-Fi lines don’t always have firewalls to block miscreants from accessing your details and therefore are highly risky. Therefore, you must avoid shopping online when you are connected to public Wi-Fi.

Not opting for cashback

There are many ways in which you can get paid for shopping, and one of them is cashback. You can earn cash rebates via cashback websites. Some additional websites let you take advantage of the retailer’s reward programs or other programs that let you get more for your money. So if a website offers cashback, you should make the most of it. You can even search for the item online and compare it with other sites that offer a comparison of prices and additional benefits.


A lot of users make these top Online Shopping Mistakes and go through a harrowing process when they make a purchase. Online shopping is indeed unbounded with faster deliveries, but there are plenty of ways in which you can slip when ordering online. So you need to avoid these mistakes and save yourself from all the regrets with a little help from Cushy.

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