Travel Apps and Websites for a comfortable journey!


Whether we say it or not, all of us have a child inside us who loves to travel and explore new places whenever needed. That child is the one who tells us to take new risks and go on the adventurous path. Which is why you should always keep cherishing that child, Now how can you do that right? You can do that by travelling and exploring new places.

For you to explore new places, you cant just start packing one day and leave without thinking about it first, and I just have the best applications that can help you plan your trip before leaving. Isn’t that great? So the first application is:


This application is so great for solo travellers or people travelling on a budget. Hopper analysis different prices of flights and even predicts future pricing. This helps the traveller in booking flights. So whenever the app predicts the lowest amount that is when you know you should book.


Though helps you out with your bookings and everything, but that is not why I mentioned this website or app. Kiwi helps navigate through a new city as well. You are looking for the nearest ATM, kiwi would help you. You are looking for lounges at the airport, kiwi would help you. The app is highly customizable and has a user-friendly interface.

App Cushy:


This application is probably my most used application. Cushy is a Hyper-local Discovery and Social Experience Discovery App, which helps you see the actual pictures of the place you are visiting. Pictures are uploaded by travellers for a more personal experience. I like this app because of how easy it is to use and how much information I gain about a place from this app. You can share your own pictures and interact with people who share the same kind of passion as you.

Forks And Backpacks:


This website is relatively new, but they have a great concept where you just have to send them your budget details and where do you really want to visit and they can curate a whole itinerary for your trip. And you can also get some great content related to Travel and Food. They also have a section where you can read the personal experiences of people during their travels.



If you are looking for a homestay away from home then this is the right application for you. Airbnb gives you the comfort of staying in a house even if you are travelling to a new place. It is now a very useful application among youngsters.

So these were some of the applications and websites I frequently use whenever i am about to travel somewhere new. You can also check these out and explore it for yourself. Decide which ones do you think suits your requirement the best. Happy Travels!

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