Travelling food ideas that are actually healthy


Figuring out what you’re going to eat while travelling is just as important as thinking about what you’re going to wear! You should start thinking about having good food and should know how to pack the best food for travel. This will make the difference between a hellish or heavenly experience with my travelling food ideas.

Why packing the food while travelling is important

It prevents blood sugar crashes, which affect mood and patience level. It minimizes disappointment because, when you bring your own, you eat exactly what you want. It saves loads of money, almost enough to pay for another trip!

Choosing the right foods can take a bit of practice. Here’s a list of beautiful ideas, cobbled together from a variety of travel and food websites, as well as my own experience by travelling alone and my colleagues with young children. These ideas are great for flights (long and short), train rides, and car trips.

Sandwich components

Sandwich recepies

Everyone don’t like to make sandwiches in advance because they get soggy, squished, and generally unappetizing after a few hours. Instead, take sandwich parts and assemble them on the spot. For example, a wedge of hard cheese and a baguette or bag of soft rolls makes a delicious lunch.

Non-messy, easy-to-eat snacks


My go-to list consists of pre-peeled hard-boiled eggs with salt, chopped vegetables such as cucumber, carrots, celery, peppers, and non-sticky fruits, like berries, apples, bananas.



Some salads are surprisingly great to eat on travelling. If you’d eat it at a cookout, you can eat it in the air. So think corn-and-bean salad, tortellini pasta salad, grain salad, etc. Just keep it in a sealed container or jar that won’t leak.

Salty snacks

Salty snacks

Everyone has their snack preferences, savoury snacks. This craving has taught me to pack salted nuts of all kinds, wasabi peas, moon cheese, sesame rice crackers, roasted chickpeas, pretzels, or whatever else you enjoy munching on.

Travel tactics:

– Eat-in order of perishability. For example, make sure you get to the salads and fruits before demolishing the crackers and cheese.

– It’s not a bad thing to have a few containers on hand during a trip. You can use them to snag leftovers from the hotel breakfast buffet or buy impromptu snacks at an open-air market. But you should have some lightweight options, too, such as beeswax bags/wraps or silicone food storage bags.

– Take paper towels, a paper napkin, or a washcloth. Whatever you eat, don’t make the place mess of. Everyone around will hate you if your seat or table dirty. Keep your food in a drawstring bag so you can put it away easily and neatly and try to maintain healthy eating while you travel. These tips help that everyone can eat healthy, even when you are travelling

  1. Avoid roadside foods
  2. Replace the meal once
  3. Maintain your normal diet
  4. Drink enough water
  5. Find out where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables
  6. Make sure you don’t overeat

Taking food with you when travelling is quite easy if you are a bit prepared.

Make sure you have a stock of the above snacks at home when you travel or already on travelling, and you are sure that you will always get through your day healthy, wherever you are. I wonder what your favorite snack will be on travelling food ideas. Let us know in a comment below!

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