What to Wear on Long Haul Flight and Look Stylish


Are you confused about What To Wear On Long Haul Flight And Look Stylish? Comfort plays a huge role in making long-haul flights smooth and pleasurable. And this is exactly why your outfit should not be a last-minute decision. If you are a frequent traveler, you know how imperative it is to have clothing that you can quickly take off or put on your flight. 

5 Trendy Outfits That Help You Decide What To Wear On Long Haul Flight And Look Stylish

Long classic Jackets


Jackets are the quickest way to look your best and increase the chances of an airplane upgrade. But it also important that you consider the weather conditions. If the weather permits, you could even pull off the classic leather jacket or simply opt for lightweight cotton, polyester trench coats, or even wool fabrics.

Trousers that scream comfort


If you are still thinking of what to wear on long haul flight and look stylish then trousers are the most functional. But you should avoid wearing skinny or tight jeans. In fact, studies have also shown that wearing tight jeans for long hours increases your risk of vein thrombosis or blood clots. Mainly because the journey will involve a lot of movement, you could be standing in a queue at a snail’s pace or rushing through to board your flight.

Sweats and comfort gym wears


Sweats and gym wears are highly suitable and provide all the comfort you need in a long flight. However, if you are among those who feel that sweats make people look like a slob, we have another great alternative for you. You can opt for a Polartec jacket made from real fleece, and if it gets too cold, you can take it off to reveal a long-sleeve lightweight sweater on the inside. Some of the best trousers that you can opt for are those made from Lycra and synthetic fibers.

Scarf, the essential accessory


An essential accessory that you should always travel with is a scarf. It can change and add color to the look of your outfit immensely. For winters, the cashmere scarf is the best to make you look stylish. If your scarf measures around 30 x 80, it can also be layered and worn in different styles. Thick scarves can also be rolled and used as a little pillow or can be wrapped around your head as a sleeping mask. Scarves are multi-functional and one of the best travel accessories that you look style for a long flight.

Sneakers and comfortable shoes


It might not be the best idea to wear high-heels or tight-fitting shoes on a long journey. You would probably be tired and exhausted during the long flight, and so you should opt for something comfortable like sneakers. Most of the travelers usually remove their footwear in the flight. If you are one of those, then you need some comfortable shoes to get back into once you land. Avoid wearing super bulky shoes.


When you are in for a long haul flight, you should ideally put a lot of emphasis on wearing loose, comfortable outfits. But no matter what outfit you choose, remember that that would also be the outfit you would be arriving at the airport, standing in long queues, or be stuck in the airport for a long time due to delays. So make it relaxing, comfort worthy, and bring out your style quotient.

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