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Alappuzha, Kerala

Kakkathuruthu, which roughly translates to Island of Crows in Malayalam, was indeed home to crows that easily outnumbered the 400 people who inhabited the island. Featured by the NatGeo, this place lets you witness one of the most breathtaking sunsets ever seen across the globe! So, to witness the same, I set out on a hired bike from Kochi towards Alleppey district. It's a 45-minute ride along the coastline that presents other-worldly landscapes as treat to eyes! The only way to reach the island from the mainland is by a boat that ferries to and fro. Though, my heart aches when I remember that I missed the sunset - thanks to the clouds and sun that played hide-and-seek - I still carried back with me a lot of memories! Some of them were during the time I spent talking and playing with the Father & Son duo! That evening maybe I didn't get to see one of the best sunsets on the globe, but I managed to find a small home, close to heart, in a far distant land! Travelling indeed has its own way of compensating beauty with beauty!💕