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Shreya Mohan

Nov 16, 2018


A twist in tale at the Traditional Capital of Kerala!



Thrissur is one among the biggest cities and also one among those cities that is rapidly developing, but if you ask the youngsters around here they’d tell you how they still do not have as many options to hangout like the places in Bangalore and the other metro cities. Corniche Resto to their rescue !

The Journey!

Started about a year and two months back by Joseph. While pursuing his MBA at Bangalore he used to hangout with friends at various cafes and pubs but while he came back to Thrissur he always realised how there was a lack of places to chill unlike Bangalore. He and his friends used to go to Kochi just so that they could access more places to chill. This lead him to a decision of starting his own place where people could chill in peace and eat to their tummy’s content as well. When I asked Joseph about his relation with food, he said, “I love food! I travelled a lot and tasting the traditional foods of different places was my favorite thing to do. I would travel to any place just to taste the local preparation of their traditional dishes, that is how passionate I am”.


When he decided to start up Corniche Resto, he worked at a couple of restaurants in order to understand the functioning and maintenance. He spoke to friends in Bangalore and Chennai and researched about various cafes and restaurants and that finally lead to the birth of Corniche Resto. It was officially open on 18th October 2017.


The Setup!

The ambience is wow and keeps for a really chilled out spot for family and friends. The food is toothsome and the plating is even better. The way your dishes are plated and served results in a hard bang on your meter of satisfaction! The mojitos are served in bulb like holders and twisted straws. A visit to their place is the only way you could get a hold of what I am trying to convey through mere words.


They even had a mini screening setup during the Football matches! Ah well, I am a cricket lover, but what could be better than watching your match, hogging on scrumptious food nervously while you watch the team you support on screen with your bunch of pals!?


Strong Suits!

The strong suits of Corniche is definitely their Lasagnas, in a subjective point of view. Lasagnas are not very common down here and Corniche serves one among the best Lasagnas you could have! They have a whole rich variety of other dishes which you could hog on - pastas, pizzas, burgers and a whole lot more awaits you!

They do not  use colors or Ajinomoto in their food at all. All the breads, buns and burger patty’s are all in house made and fresh and then all the continental food fusions are all worth a try!


Corniche is definitely one of those places meant for a true gourmet!


Say hi to awesome Joseph when you get there because he makes for the best manager and host! He deserves a bow down for the way he has managed that place all along with his impressive team!

You could see more on them via their Facebook portal -*F