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Ramneek Flora

Sep 18, 2020

Matheran the Smallest Hill Station in India

From Abundant Wildlife to Scenic Beauty


Matheran situated in Maharashtra happens to be the smallest hill station in India and its the most remote place you can visit during this time. One of my writers recently went on this trip and she brought a lot of the memories back with her. 

How can you visit Matheran? 

If you really want to visit Matheran and you are local of Mumbai or Pune you can start early morning and reach the place just in time to have the mist set in on your shoulders. 

Why should you visit Matheran?

Matheran is one of the smallest hill station in India and its also Asia's automobile free hill station. You can only travel to the place with a Toy Train and after that, you have to travel by Horses. No connectivity and only you and your family living it up in the destination. Matheran happens to be such a beautiful place, we tend to forget how far away from the nature we actually are and Matheran shows us exactly that. In case you plan your Matheran trip in the monsoon season don't forget to carry raincoats and umbrellas for your safety. 

The horses are booked according to the hours and you would ride those horses to visit the points in Matheran. The horses would take you to different locations like Monkey Pont, Echo, Khandala and many more. The place has around more than 38 points and in two hours you would be able to visit only 8-9 points. Which means you would always have something new to look forward to when you visit this place. 

Matheran is all about people who love visiting places with abundance of Wildlife and Nature. If you are a nature person you would definitely love Matheran and you would want to keep visiting it again and again.