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Ramneek Flora

Jul 31, 2020

Tales of Konark

Did you hear this story about Konark?


In the year 2017, I went on a trip to Odisha and Bhubaneshwar for the new year celebration. I love travelling to new places where I can get to know something new. This trip was one of those trips. I saw my mom’s college and even did a little local shopping.

I got the traditional Purse from this place which I have till date surprisingly. But the main thing that I did on this trip was to learn about Konark Temple. Did you know locals still think that Shiva opened his third eye (not completely) to make this Temple? Yes, there happens to be an urban legend where it is mentioned that Shiva was the one who made it and he was not a human. He was someone from outer space, because of the technologies he had and how he didn’t look human at all.

Now you would be wondering how I got to know about this, I visited a local village around this area and there I heard different versions of the same storyline. Some said that he opened the eye completely and used the lasers and some say that he still resides in this place. This is why I love visiting places and local areas because you just get to know so many different stories. And storytelling happens to be the oldest form of giving information.

Later that day I visited other parts around the Temple as well, but one thing was always on my mind. Did Shiva actually make this Temple? And if he did, how did he do it when Lasers were not even known about at that time. If you ever plan to visit Konark, do try to ask the guide about this story and see what their reactions are, I wish I could have done that too.