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Nisha Manoj

Nov 20, 2018







An unexpected holiday resulted in a spontaneous plan. With Kohli Hills as our destination, we set off, bags packed with the necessities and a car filled with snacks and good people we set off on our journey. Leaving Bangalore city at 5:30 in the morning we set of on our course to Kohli Hills with the Agaya Gangai Falls as our destination for the day.  The journey is to take around 6 hours according to Google maps but will definitely add 2 hours or so with the stops for food and traffic. With an early morning pitstop, we stop at Murugan Idli Shop. This place was a sight for sore eyes. Hungry, we entered the nicely built place and around us we save everyone eating the Crispy Dosas and hot Vadas’, it took me back to my days spent in Chennai, I secretly hoped it would taste like home. I ordered myself 2 Vadas and a Ghee Masala Dosa. The dosas were perfectly crisp and had the right ratio of masala to dosa with a generous helping of Ghee to top it all off. The service gets a 10 on 10. We resumed our travel heading out to the falls. On the way to hills, you could see both sides are filled with Arecanut trees (pakku Maram) and the smell of Arecanut is filled all over the way to the foothills After what seemed like forever we finally reached the bottom of the Kohli Hills, what lay in front of us was 46.7 km to our destination, the scary part - 70 continuous hairpin bends. Traveling with a light stomach is key. (Keeping Sprite or a lemon helps.) The scenic views are a sight to see. Slowly but surely you will reach the end and it is all worth it. On reaching the top there is space provided for car parking accompanied by small shops that sell necessities such as water and snacks to other shops that sell dosas and hot samosas.


The journey that followed

        The Agaya Gangai Falls is situated 1 km from the top, 1050 steps which definitely becomes a task on the way back. The fall consistent with its name, where water tumbles from 300 feet. It is situated in a valley and surrounded by mountains. The closer you get to the falls the sound of water brings in a sense of excitement. You are eventually greeted by the sight and sound of laughter of men, women, and children having fun in the freezing water. A small water pool is formed in front of the falls, which is 5-6 feet depth and filled by rocks. Another must do is standing under the waterfalls and feeling the waterfall on your back or sitting under a small cave where the waterfalls all around you. The experience is satisfying and soothing. A temporary room kind of structure is available, which can be used for changing into dry clothes. After the climb back, everyone is hungry and tried. The next experience one must have is the food that the villagers have to offer. On our way back, we passed by multiple small eateries and decided to stop at one where they offered us meals that included rice, sambhar, egg and also freshly made porotas and chicken gravy.


NOTE: Something we learned is if you do ever decide to visit the falls, on your way up choose a place and tell them what time you’ll be back for lunch. In this way, they will prepare whatever you want and the scrumptious food is ready when you get back.

All in all, it was a fun one day trip.

Things to remember.

Best months to travel - Post monsoon, Months of November to January.

Approximate Expenditure for a day ( inclusion of food and Entry fee) Rs. 1000 per head

Money for the tolls that you’ll have to pay on the way approx. Rs. 500

A change of clothes & comfortable shoes.