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Ramneek Flora

Jul 30, 2020

My Heart Lies in Kerala

The reason why I want to visit Kerala


Many people talk about Manali, Goa but I usually talk about Kerala. Kerala is probably the most memorable trip I have ever taken. I have visited Kerala two times by now. One was in the year 2010 when I had gone along with my family and I had explored all the south Indian states. And the second time was in the year 2018 when I explored the northern part of Kerala. Both the times I fell a little more in love with the place. 

Kerala is always on my mind. I wish to crave for a night in the Backwaters. The sort of cool that comes from it has been my saving grace. In the year 2013, I got to witness a small village where they used to make ropes and it was such a great experience to watch, to be honest. I even went to the backwaters along with my family. If anybody wants to travel to Kerala, I would definitely recommend Princess Street in Kochi where you can enjoy the nightlife and stay at a good hotel. 

The trip surely left me satisfied to my core and the only place I crave to go back is Kerala. In the year 2018, I went to Kerala along with one of my Malayali friend who was a resident of the place called Kasaragod, so I visited the place where not a lot of tourists go, which was really great. I visited the Bekal Fort where I found immense peace, by just staring at the water and the shore. 

Kerala has left a huge impact on my soul and it might be enough to leave an impact on your soul as well. One should definitely visit this place.