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Wayanad in November!

No Shave November? Naah, it’s say YES to WAYANAD on November.



I am a Bengalurian for the past 4 years. Bengaluru is a strategic place in the South of India, which is quite near North of Kerala, Gokarana, Goa and a lot of other interesting places in Karnataka. I have always dreamt of backpacking and wandering all by myself to a place which is too alien for me; to a place where my friends don’t come down to the bus station to pick me up; to a place that is totally green and serene. Obviously, the first thing that came into my mind was “God’s Own Country.” Umm, I can hear a few cursing me for not mentioning a lot more beautiful places down south or at the extreme east of India. Sorry buds, I had just 3 days and 5k in hands. I was so sure that I ain’t gonna spend extra penny than INR 5000. Well, you read that right, I managed to go and spend 3 days for 5k. 


Planning my trip was quite a task. I took 3 days time to plan my trip and land myself there in a decent place and get all the things sorted to visit places. 


Homestay amidst the plush green Coffee Plantation


This was how my morning began from the room I stayed.Wherever I turned, it was just green; I could hear the birds fluttering its wings and drizzles kissing the ground. It was so romantic. I didn’t have a clue that November was the ideal time to go there. Fortunately, it turned to be the best time for me to enjoy every single thing in Wayanad. 


The cost of Rainbow Homestay was too nominal and the owner, Mr. Livingstonwas very amiable. He helped me map my travel plan and arranged for amazing snack and chai. Since this homestay was very near Kalpetta bus stand, it was convenient for me to visit 4 to 5 places a day. This homestay is a bliss, as it is located amidst the coffee plantation. 



Day 1: Walking alongside the nature in Asia’s second largest Banasura Sagar Dam 



The first place I had gone to visit was Banasura Sagar dam which is the second largest dam in Asia and largest in India. I took a bus from Kalpeta bus stand to Padingnathara and took a share auto to Banasura Sagar Dam. And from there, it was quite an experience for me to walk all the way alone to the boating spot and luckily a family agreed to join me for boating since I was alone. That was the first amazing turning point in my trip, since I befriended that person and now am still in touch with them. You get to do fish pedicure @ Rs.70 and a hot chai there at the entrance is a bliss. Though I had an option to take a bus to reach the main road, I chose to walk and got into a share auto to head to another place. Well, I spent 4 hours altogether in that place. 


“I believe in relishing every bit of goodness that is served on my platter and nature offers truck loads of goodness and happiness to all of us, when we try playing our strings harmonically with them.” 



Day 1 (Continuation): Cajoling Karlad Lake 


Can anyone deny having a break like this? A perfect lake view. It was a long journey and this was somewhere quite far from the city and I had to ask the auto guy to come back to the same place where he dropped me. I took my book out, sat on a sit-out and just admired this view. I would read a page and then get myself engrossed into the view and every now and then cold breeze would brush my cheeks. I had an option of Kayaking, zip lining across the lake and boating. Amongst all of these, I felt sitting on a swing to enjoy the view was much better. 


 Day 2: Breezy Pookode Lake 



I was spending a lot of time in walking down the streets to get accustomed to the place. Started my day with a kattan chai (black tea) in a small tea place near my home stay. Post tea, I walked for about 3kms to check out for some morning snack like pazham Pori, which is quite famous in Kerala. Later, I tried purchasing a few stuff for home. Then, I took a bus to Pookode lake. I got down at a place which was 15 kms away from Kalpetta and took an auto to Pookode lake. It costed me about 140 bucks. This place was a bit boring for me, cos I am allergic to crowd and you would spot a battalion of monkeys climbing here and there.


Day 2 (Continuation): Tale on Lakkidi View Point 


I was in a turmoil to just see a viewpoint spending 340 bucks up and down from Kalpetta. The auto guy kept saying it's worth that money. Though I was pissed at him, I took a risk of checking it out. And rest is history. I spent somewhere about 20 mins, not more cos it is the route that takes you to Kozhikode or Calicut and buses keep coming. But, it was a breath-taking experience to see how the roads lead you to Calicut. Life is all about you viewing it from the right view point.



Day 3: Bubye Wayanad



I did not want to come back to Bangalore after becoming a part of this place. Wayanad treated me quite well. It gave me new friends, a new experience on managing in an unknown city all by myself, taught me how to hunt for places to eat authentic Kerala dishes like Chemmeen Curry, Stuffed Puttu, Biryani, Kerala Parotta and a black tea (a mini heaven on earth). Wayanad you were amazing


Every time I travel alone to a place, I make sure I leave a part of me there and take a new experience and a new self from that very place.”