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Neha kerketta

Dec 11, 2018


City that never sleeps


The unplanned trip comes out to be the most amazing and memorable in anyone's life. Mumbai trip of mine was one of it. Though I came here without any plan it came out to be one of the nicest memory. MUMBAI...anyone who thinks about this city the first thing that comes to the mind is BOLLYWOOD, as everyone says it as MAYANAGRI, after coming here I too believe in this phrase. Buildings touching the skies, city lights make it more beautiful at night, people say it's the place for rich people, only financially stabled people can survive in this place. But it's a place where two poles exist side by side. And the best example can be seen while coming out of the airport. I was admiring the buildings and beautification of the city and all of a sudden slum area came out from nowhere, where small children were playing on the street and their mothers were sitting or doing their household works, one side of the road slum areas can be seen and on the other side huge and tall buildings, it kind of made me sad by looking at them but suddenly made me think that even though they are living in certain conditions they are happy in their own way. In Mumbai, rich and poor live side by side and they are living like that since a long time.





Marine Drive is the must-visit the place on everyone's list, right! Came to Mumbai and not visited Marine Drive... naaaah....that's definitely not happening. It's the place where the actual beauty of the city can be seen. Everyday lot's of people comes here and spends there quality time sitting and admiring the beauty. The best time to visit is at the sunset, which makes it more mesmerizing, the sunset lights which scattered and filled the sky like watercolour splashed on it is something you don't want to miss it. 




If you are a shopaholic or like shopping this is your place, my dear friend. As everybody knows Mumbai is a place of fashion, but nobody is bounded to wear it due to its expenses. There are tons of street shops that will provide you with the latest fashion accessories and merchandise. Top listed spots are Crawford Market(wholesale market), Colaba Causeway(accessories), Linking Road(fashion clothing and footwear). While visiting these street shops I almost lost in my thoughts and wanted to buy each and everyone stuff as much as it was possible for me, actually I almost got mad. Prices are cheap and the latest designs and fashion are under your budget, so who don't want to say "yes" to shopping. And don't forget to bargain!



Situated on the peak of Bandstand, Bandra. This is a Christian area but it truly doesn't mean others cant live. It's just most of the people are Christian here. This is a short version of Goa. Entering here makes you feel like visiting mini Goa. For Shahrukh khan fans, this is the place were your star lives. It's one of the expensive areas in Mumbai to live. Mount Mary Church is one of the beautiful and splendid church. Outside the church there are many lined small shops which attract people, they sell candles, wax figurines toys even houses. People with their belief buy it as an offering. Inside the church, there's a beautiful statue of Mother Mary carrying a child. It is one of the magnificent Church and should be visited.