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Neha kerketta

Jan 10, 2019




2019, it’s a new year! Forget everything and start a new year with more passion and with more fun!

To start this very new year I decided to start with a wildly trip to the most amazing places of Kerala. In our list the places were – Munnar, Thekkady, Varkala and Trivandrum. So the first thing first, though we visited these places in January let me tell you there is no winter in Kerala. It’s hot as the summer of June-July, but you can carry one or two winter clothes because in every place climate changes and please carry some medicines too.


Our first stop of this trip was MUNNAR which is famous for its scenery of tea garden. We stayed in a resort which was a bit far away from Munnar city and near to the “Sunset Point”, the cute and beautifully built resort named “TULSI VILLAGE RETREAT”. While visiting Munnar make sure to visit sunset point as it is the beautiful top point to witness this very scene. It was chilly there and made us feel, yes it’s winter! Lately because of the flood that occurred in Kerala there were still many places which were affected, so we visited the main spots and not very interior areas.  We stayed in Munnar for two days but if ever you plan to visit this place make it off one day.






The cheapest place to stay in. There are many things to see and do in this place such as elephant ride, ayurvedic centres and species garden, cultural centre, adventure etc. we visited cultural centre which was in Kumily were we stayed so it was nearer to our place. The ticket was of Rs 400 per person at the show started at 7 to 8 pm. It was the show of “KATHAKALI” the jewel of expression and amazing costume and music. It was my first time to see their dance and expression through my own eyes and let me tell you if you get this chance don’t miss it, you’ll definitely enjoy and get to know about their culture.




Throughout the trip, this was my favourite spot! And I bet it will be yours too when you visit here. We stayed very near about 0.3 km from the beach. And don’t confuse between “Varkala Cliff” and “Varkala beach” it’s the same but shows different direction, by road it will take more time than walking from the shore side. Cliff has many shops and restaurants, it’s like a mini bazaar where you can find local kinds of stuff and souvenirs, although everything will be costly because it’s the best spot for foreigners. So it would be much better to buy from different sides of the city. It would be nice if you manage to wake up early and visit this place to see the sunrise, it's calm and crowd-free, people come to exercise, do yoga and for a good nice walk.

Kerala, which has become one of the best tourist spots all over the world, and will never disappoint you, it will make you feel awe and amaze you in all its way possible!