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Prathik Desai

Feb 10, 2019

Ananthagiri Hills

Astonishing sunrise that will take your breath away



Stunning shades of sunrise hidden a short drive away from the city of Hyderabad

If you thought Hyderabad was all about old monuments like Charminar and Golkonda Fort then you’re terribly mistaken. Neither is it just about the tech-parks rapidly engulfing the city. A short drive for an hour and a half will take you to one of the best places one can witness sunrise from. An early morning drive from the city towards the western limits of the city will take you to this other-worldly place.

The best time, though, to start is a couple of hours before the sunrise. That’ll give you some surreal and breathtaking views of the sunrise and its different shades. Don’t get deceived by the pictures; there’s more to this place than what the pictures suggest.

A quick lesson to learn from sunrises:

“Sunrises don’t care about anyone watching them or not. They continue being beautiful not bothering even if nobody looks at them. The best part is that this morning’s sunrise doesn’t let last night’s sunset define it. Sunrises are awesome! Be like a sunrise!”

 Sunrises come in all colours; because they are not racist! :P

As funny and irrelevant as it might sound, but sunrises aren’t racist. Oh yes! They do come in all colours and shades - bright orange, shades of yellow, sky bluish and even black! Because all they care about is to take away the breath of the watcher and not the shade it carries! Yet another thing to learn from a tranquil sunrise! Ain’t it?! ;-)

Tranquillity wrapped in a subtle sunrise

Amidst the woods around, there is a viewpoint from where one could get a clear view of the rising sun, playing hide and seek with clouds and throwing out shades of all kinds that one’s eyes can die for.


If you happen to go there on a weekend, there are high probabilities that you might find groups of people already there, with booze bottles and loud music playing on their Bluetooth ‘nuisance’ speakers. Like the one, I found, shown in the pic here. So healthy advice, visit it on a weekday.