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Rushikesh Patil

May 24, 2020

The roaring beauty of Marleshwar!


There are multi-faceted forms of the rigid Sahyadri in the Sangameshwar taluka which is surrounded by the Sahyadri ranges. The Marleshwar temple is situated in a place with sky-piercing tall peaks, straight, big rock structures, valleys surrounded by dense forests, and tremendous waterfalls in the rainy season. There is nothing as beautiful as Marleshwar in all of Konkan.

18 kilometres from Deorukh, Maraleshwar is the temple of Shiva in the high peak of Sahyadri ranges. You can take your car until the base of the hill but from there you have to climb approximately 530 steps to reach the Marleshwar temple.

Other than the holy lanterns, you are not allowed to light any other kinds of lights in the temple caves. Within the rock cavities of the caves, the non-venomous ‘Boa’ snakes can be found but they have never been known to harm anyone. Lord Shiva is famously known for possessing a snake around his neck. We get to witness this as a symbol at the Maraleshwar temple.

Right in front of the temple, the pure white and beautiful Dhareshwar waterfall flows like the Ganges which is held safely by Lord Shiva on his head. But during rainfalls, the sight of this huge waterfall is terrifying. This waterfall is a major attraction for all the devotees and tourists. A big fair, locally called as Yatra is organized here during Makarsankranti. Almost 4-5 lakh devotees attend this yatra each year. The alluring scenic spots, the grand waterfall in front, the surrounded dense forests, and the mysterious silence tend to create a long term impression on your mind.

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