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Neha kerketta

Jan 25, 2019


Good Food Good Mood


Fort, Kochi, the very first stop visiting Cochin, Kerala. One of the favourite destinations for the tourist. It is located near to the Fort beach and popular for the Chinese fishing net and of course for the shops and cafes,  45min-1hr distance from the airport. If you ever visit this place you should also know that Fort is also a Naval Base. Before reaching to the main town of the fort there is the largest man-made island in India called as WELLINGTON ISLAND, how cool, isn’t it!

Fort, Kochi is a calm area where you can have a nice time to be spent. There are many homestays and hotels but I prefer going for a homestay, staying with the locals is a whole different experience and also no need to spend more money for all the hotels' facilities which you can also have in these comfy homestays and that’s too in low price. There are many things to do here for example- many shops offer the wholesome package of Kerala tourism, there is also cooking classes which teach you how to cook keralian foods, bicycles/bikes/car are available on rent and charges as per hour/day. Not to mention people here are helpful and friendly so do not hesitate to ask for any help.

(Fort, Kochi is in much demand during Christmas and New Year, and all the homestays and hotels have a very high price, so if plan to come here during these seasons make sure to book early for avoiding high prices and inconvenience. )

The cafes and restaurants here are one of the attractions for many tourists. Fort, Kochi is a small place but have too many cafes and restaurants with great ambiences and with cute street names. In these some of them -

·       *Tibetan Chef’s Restaurant

·       * Loafers Corner Café

·       * Sutra

·       * Tea Pot

·       * Kashi Art  Café

·       * Bench

·       * Old Harbor

These were few lists that I like to recommend, although these are indoor if you want to try plates of seafood in keralian style I prefer going to the shacks nearby the fort beach opposite to “THE DELTA SCHOOL.” There are many more restaurants that provides you finger-licking good appetizers outside fort, if you ever want to have pizza I recommend you for once visit 360 DEGREE PIZZERIA (located at MIG housing society, Panampilly Nagar), believe me, you’ll never get better pizza than this, the restaurant has a cake shop too which is just on the second floor of the building known as COCOA TREE, is also best for its ambiences, so why only visit one place, I prefer both.


(360 Degree Pizzeria)


(Cocoa Tree)


P Panampilly Nagar is a renowned place and so you can find many places to calm your starve. Kafe Kopi Luwak is a small pretty and cute café for spending quality time alone or with your loved ones. Not to mention the interior, it is surely the nice one with a variety of setting arrangements. The speciality of this café is as the name suggest, the café provides you with the one of the world’s most expensive coffee, and yes you heard me right…. World’s most expensive coffee! Though this café is pocket-friendly and anyone can come here!

(Kafe kopi luwak)