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Neha kerketta

Jan 17, 2019


The Paw Story


One of my favourite places in Mumbai. For some people this is something new for them, they might think “Is there something like that?”, so the answer is YES! The very first café studio of cats which is located at Andheri, Khar West, Mumbai which is India’s first cat café which is run by the youngster which makes it more interesting and catchy.

I got this chance to visit this place in 2018 when I was in Mumbai.  I was curious to see this café so I visited with my friend. It’s a nice cute, cosy little café with a huge signboard in front of the entrance addressing “CAT CAFÉ STUDIO” which will easily catch anyone’s attention.  “Cats are connoisseurs of comfort” and it makes it real when you are surrounded by so many cats, lovely, fluffy, adorable cats. They got their rooms of small wooden boxes which are decorated nicely, got their names written on the walls.

These are rescued cats found on streets and who were abandoned, they were found in critical condition some of them lost their eyes or legs, and it really will make your heart cry out loud. Nonetheless, they survived and got a new family who is always with them. It’s not just a café for cats but also an adoption centre, anyone willing to help these cats can adopt them and also can contribute some help towards them by buying merchandise they got.

Now let us talk about the interior arrangement of this café, not only you can see and spend your time with them but can also order some stomach fill appetizers from the food counter, with reasonable price, it has a nice sitting arrangement outside and inside with the cats. But if you are really hungry make your spot outside because you know they won’t let you eat, the lounge is as cute as the cats. For cats lover, this is the perfect place for them and for kids too.....!